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You can't beat the combination of outstanding products and customer-centered service that Compozit Home Systems offers. As a family-owned business, we are proud to install locally-made products that are backed by extensive warranties and provide homeowners with an excellent long-term investment. Other reasons to choose us include:
o We have designed, manufactured, and installed replacement windows since 1982
o We offer a 50-year transferrable warranty
o Our products are tested and certified by independent laboratories
o We are a founding member of the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council)
o Our products are Energy Star(R) qualified
o Our company has been ranked one of Window & Door's Top 100 Manufacturers
o We have 35 years of experience in manufacturing and installing triple-pane windows

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Homeowner Reviews for Compozit Home Systems

11 reviews
Review by sandra Y
February 4, 2020
I recently had siding and two more windows added to my house. the men worked very hard and did a wonderful job ,cleaning up each day and when they left everything looked great. My house has stayed warmer and my electric bill has already gone down even though I added 288more sq.ft.
Review by Ismara L
January 16, 2020
We had a great experience with the company! They came in when they said they would got the job done very well and very fast. They cleaned up after themselves! Very satisfied!
Review by Jeri C
January 9, 2020
I am absolutely in love with my new front door from Compozit Home Systems, LLC! Kelly Kern (Sales Rep) was awesome to work with! The installation was fast yet professional and the final product was beautiful!!
Review by Chris T
January 7, 2020
Sales people were informative and gave great discount. Installers for Doors and Windows were quick, clean and professional.
Review by Dave H
January 2, 2020
I've got off to a rocky start with this company, the salesman offered a line of credit it seems he was not authorized to give. However the President of the company did reach out to me to make it right. He offered to satisfy the agreement. They are due here in the morning. We'll see.....
Review by Gary A
September 25, 2019
This review is written as to the many issues that we had with this window company, Primax Compozit.
1. From ordering six windows Sept. 2018 to the final installation on May 2019.
2. Three sliders fit too tight and would not open or close properly.
3. Reordered new sliders, wrong windows were ordered.
4. Installer chipped marble windowsill.
5. Caulking smeared onto the outside brick.
6. Company VP called to say the scheduler and several other people
including the installers and repair are no longer with the company.
7. The many times of leaving messages with office employees and
voicemail and getting no callbacks
If you are looking for a window company to replace your old windows you may want to be cautious of this company.
Review by Kelsey H
August 27, 2019
Edit: I received a call from the company today in response to my review and had a very in depth, productive conversation I wished we had been able to have months ago. We were misinformed on some of the products we were sold and have worked out our questions and concerns. Very happy with the response, they legitimately took our concerns to heart.

The windows and warranty weren't what we were sold during our in home meeting. The features we thought we were getting weren't included with the windows once installed. The smaller windows have an insanely wide frame making the actual window tiny and dark. This could have been fixed but the one that calls you to see if you like your windows won't listen to what's wrong and just tells you to call your rep (who we have no contact information on) or that she will send our information to a customer service person. The information never gets sent and you can never talk to anyone to get things fixed. Not worth the headache.
Review by Pat N
May 23, 2019
The windows are expensive, based on other people using other companies, it seems comparable. The windows are not as easy to open as I had expected, and I asked them if they could make the grout look neater on the outside. They said they would, but never did. The door they installed for me has less glass space than the ones they replaced - 6 inches more narrow and is a disappointment. Before I agreed to purchase the door replacement, I asked both the salesman and the person who came out to measure if they could reinstall my screen. I did not want the screen that came with the door, I wanted to keep my existing screen. About two weeks later I received a telephone call stating that they had researched it and had determined that they could reinstall my screen. On the day of installation, they installed the screen and told me not to open it for 48 hours. Because of weather, I waited double the 48 hours. The screen did not function. They left a mess inside the door and when I cleaned it up, I noticed they had damaged the wall that we had hired a painter to paint just the month before. They sent someone out to repair the wall and by the time they came, I had discovered that the screen did not function. He attempted to adjust the screen, but was unable to do so. He noted on the paper work that the screen did not work and they would send someone. I did not hear from them and so I called them. Did not get to speak to anyone except the lady who answered the phone. I am waiting for them to call me - if they don't, I will be calling them.
UPDATE: Today, they came out and fixed my screen. The guy used a ladder and the roof of the house to balance a board as cover from the rain. I did not have to have it fixed so fast that he had to work in the rain. The rain passed and he was here for a few hours working on it. The screen now functions properly and looks great. Also, it was done in four business days after the last person was here.

Two reasons I did not give them five stars: 1) the mess left during the original installation, the inside wall damage and the screen that I had to complain about. 2) They called me and offered me $500 off another purchase "because I had been a good customer and spent a lot of money with them", and then I receive a post card in the mail that anyone can use. I feel that the reason they gave me was a lie and I fell for it. I had intended to have some more work done, but reason #2 has given me reason to reconsider.
Review by Dee
March 30, 2019
Horrible! I would not recommend this company to touch your home in anyway!!! They are fine until you have issues then they refuse to fix their mistakes. We replaced all three exterior storm doors and our main front door. No issues with the storm doors but the main door is awful. The handles are falling off and the paint has chipped and is bubbling and falling off. They have been out to our home several times and they refuse to fix it. If I could get it off the hinges I would pitch it in the front yard for them to pickup. They are horrible and I would not even give them a one star. Please do not use this company. I plan to get a lawyer and take them to court. After spending around $10,000 you would hope to be satisfied with the products and the service. I do not recommend them at all.
Review by John H
December 20, 2018
I would like to recommend and commend this company. I had Compozit Home Systems install windows into my home in 2016. The removal and installation of the old and new windows took no time at all. They were clean and courteous and made sure to cleaned up after their work. The installers made sure that I knew the full functions of the windows and how they worked. A few weeks ago (2018) I had an issue with one of my windows so I called up the company and told them my situation. The office staff was very friendly and very willing to help me in my situation. They were able to get a service technician out to my home in just a few days. The problem was easily fixed and now we back to normal.

Before the window installation my home was very drafty because of the old windows and we lost all kinds of heating and cooling an $$$ literally out the window. Since the new windows have been installed we have noticed a dramatic change in our bills an the heating and cooling of house is definitely 100% better so the change and cost was well worth it.

Not all windows are the same Compozit windows they have more function to them... of course they lock, they both can tilt in so that they can easily be cleaned, they have a small security feature on them that allow you to have your windows open about 1-1/2 inches during the day/night and feel safe. As a blind and visually impaired person safety and function are a must for me when I’m buying upgrades for my home. For those of you who have read this review I would definitely recommend Compozit Home Systems for all your Home upgrades and needs. Great company, great people and great service!
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