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We are a small family-owned and -operated LLC, which means we do our own pricing without sacrificing quality. Unlike a large company that has specific set prices, we can work with your budget if we are able to do so. We pride ourselves in quality work at an affordable price. TLC: give us a call because everyone's air needs a little tender loving care.




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We’re not showing any promotions running for TLC AC AND HEAT LLC, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any! Request a free quote and see what deals you can get.

Homeowner Reviews for TLC AC AND HEAT LLC

5 reviews
Review by Morgan W
June 27, 2019
Alot if experience doing A/C and Heating work! Very dedicated to their jobs and won't be dissatisfied!
Review by Noshir P
June 11, 2019
Mr. Collins is a fraud. I paid him $1320 through paypal to install a new furnace. I was out of town and when I returned, I found that he had installed a 19 year old furnace. He insisted that the furnace was brand new but when I asked for the paperwork, he never gave them to me. I asked for a refund and he did not respond. I now have to pay another company $1900 to install a proper new furnace. Mr. Collins is also incompetent in doing A/C work. His work is sloppy, he does not bring his own tools and keeps coming up with excuses so that he can make extra money from you. I had already paid $200 for a yearly maintenance. During the maintenance, he convinced me that I need a new coil. I paid ~$800 for the coil installation and during that work, I believe he damaged my original furnace. He then said I needed a new furnace which is where I lost the $1320.

If for some reason you do decide to hire him, I would ask for an official quote upfront, ask him to show all receipts and paperwork and only pay with a credit card so that you can get reimbursed when he cheats you.
Review by D J
December 31, 2018
Did not change the AC unit. His wife promptly took our money in two payments and did not replace the unit. They stole 1700.00 from us. Just because we live out of town and this is not our primary residence doesn’t mean that this was ok. This is never okay to steal money. I am wondering why this person has a four star rating.
Review by Shawn T
September 5, 2017
Unless TLC at Marrero starts working on the project, one star will be permanent.
Review by erry C
May 10, 2017
This is my company and I have 25 years experience in HVAC installation, service, and sales. We are licensed and insured.
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