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Rescom Exteriors is the leading source for quality door and window replacement in Auburn and beyond, specializing in the installation of top of the line Bristol replacement windows & doors. For more than 20 years local homeowners have relied on our expertise in both design and installation, as well as our full selection of quality window and doors. When you turn to us for new doors or replacement windows, well add lasting value to your home.




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Homeowner Reviews for Rescom Exteriors Inc.

5 reviews
Review by Susan C
September 9, 2019
We had 5 windows replaced by Rescom this past spring. While they are quite pricey, we have already saved money on our air conditioning bill this summer. The front of our house faces the strong sun and being triple-pane, we can stand right in front of the window and no longer feel any heat coming in. The glass is the same temperature as the inside of the house. We used to have to close up the front of the house because of the heat that would come in. Looking forward to saving on our heating bill this winter.
I also like the security features of the windows and the warranty is unbeatable. Service was great! All windows were put in on the first date they gave us and done in one day. They cleaned up everything, too.
Review by molina J
May 2, 2019
Expensive windows,sales guy is good at convincing you to buy 6 windows for 14000.
Review by Kevin K
January 31, 2019
Somehow got our information from a home show we were at even though we never approached anyone about doors or windows while there. Probably took it off one of those enter to win raffle slips all the booths have. Since we had thought of possibly replacing both front doors down the road we figured why no go ahead and let them come out and get our free estimate so we would know what the projywould cost when we were ready to do it. The salesman was fine and your typical salesman with pitches and moderate pressure. I will say the product looks better quality then most. Only reason they get two stars. However price is astronomical. $13000 for two doors. Let that sink in for a second. I have a quote to remodel my whole full bathroom from down to studs for less. Was told we picked high end so we went back and picked from the lowest end and came back $12000 for the two doors. After a couple of sales pitches the price became $10000. Was told they were not doors they were Entery systems. If you like way overspending for doors oh sorry entry systems then they are the company for you. Otherwise, you can buy the highest end door at your local home improvement store, hire an installer that specializes in doors and still pay only a fraction of what they were going to charge you.
Review by Jim C
January 29, 2018
Just met with Paul Robertson and John this afternoon. About a year ago I had windows put in and I've been very pleased with the quality, the appearance and the great insulation that they provide. The service and support from start to finish has been excellent. Paul is excellent in presentation and knowledge with an easygoing business demeanor to match. I've just agreed to finish off the rest of the house (5 final windows) effective this date and look forward to another excellent experience. And I will post another review on completion.
Review by Mike W
December 5, 2017
These windows are the best. The salesman ,Paul Robertson was very helpful and only sold what we needed. The install only took 1 day and were professional and even cleaned up and vacuumed!!
I'm looking forward to a warmer home this winter and many more to come. I would recommend Rescom to everyone. Thank you for everything you did for us.
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