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We understand the frustration that comes with looking for a trustworthy contractor. I was once taken advantage of myself.

Yankee Home was founded shortly after I lost my $2500 deposit to an unscrupulous contractor. As an Irish immigrant who came here with $80 dollars, not a day goes by that I am not truly grateful for the opportunity this country affords.

In that spirit, we set out to create a unique company that gives back and always puts our customers first. Thats why Yankee Home offers you an unheard of 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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Homeowner Reviews for Yankee Home Improvement

11 reviews
Review by cppmagnum45
January 18, 2020
Jon Shrair came over to my home last night to present to me, my wife, and my 17 month old son. Jon put on a wonderful presentation for some great windows. He endured my son interrupting him every few minutes and played with him throughout his presentation. Jon is a wonderful salesman for a set of wonderful windows I would recommend him to anyone looking to either put new construction windows in their home or a nice set of replacement windows.
Review by ob C
January 3, 2020
Steve Lemelin was our installer for our new doors through Yankee Home Improvement. He was AWESOME! He was extremely professional, informative, friendly, punctual, and very genuine. We are very impressed by Steve's work and will definitely request to have him come back when we have more work done by Yankee Home in the future! We have nothing but good things to say about the whole experience. Couldn't have asked for better quality and service with our new doors! Thank you Steve and Yankee Home!!!
Review by Ly
December 17, 2019
We had Dave, a design consultant, come to our home to give us a quote for a future project. He was very informative and patient with us! No high sales pressure pitch! He gave us a quote good for a year. We will definitely use Yankee Home Improvement for our project when we are ready! 5 stars from these gals!
Review by Joseph G
November 27, 2019
We had a consultation for windows with Ryan Irizarry, and he came well prepared and was very knowledgeable on all aspects of the topic. He answered all the questions we had regarding the install and the technology/science behind what makes an efficient window compared to others. He was very amicable and it didn't feel like the expected high pressure sales situation that turns a lot of people off- we felt so comfortable and informed that we signed a contract for new windows through Yankee Home Improvement and are excited to get some quality windows in to replace the ancient ones currently in our kitchen. Thanks Ryan, and we hope you can swing by again to check out the work after they are installed!
Review by Samuel E
November 15, 2019
I've had three companies come to show me their product and their warranty and no one was as detailed as Jimmy. He answer all my questions show me all the options I had. He really had a wealth of knowledge of the product he presented us. this really was an excellent presentation of the product. Hands down the best window out there and I don't think no one can beat their warranty. I really felt comfortable with this presentation and that doesn't happen too often thank you Jimmy great job.
Review by Erin N
October 17, 2019
We had Dario and Ryan drive really far out to give us a quote, they stayed over 3 hours answering questions and explaining things to us as fairly new homeowners. The product they showed us is top of the line! We could not make the deal due to the price; however, these guys were REALLY great as far as first impressions go and I would recommend anybody have them come give a quote! Very sorry it didn't work out this time.
Review by Anne C
October 14, 2019
Successful installation of ALOT of windows! Financing available. Pleased with follow up to questions post installation. Emery was helpful and invested in making certain everything was exactly as we wanted.
Review by Joanne D
September 6, 2019
This review is for the design and planning process only. Construction has not begun yet.
Dave is very knowledgeable,and pleasant to deal with. He explained the products,the process, costs,etc very well. We feel that we know what will be done,when it will be done,and what it will cost us. There were some computer glitches which he handled in a professional, organized manner.
We are now awaiting the next step in the process.
Review by cynthia P
August 19, 2019
My husband recently had a stroke. There was so much to do to make our home safe for him to be able to come home in a few weeks. Feeling the shower, was one of the largest projects. Despite it being mid summer and I had 3 weeks to get the house safe for his return, Yankee Home Improvement put a rush on my order and squeezed my installation into the schedule. From Dario coming to tell me about the company and the product to Larry and his partner vacuuming as they left my house I couldn't have been more pleased with the service. They completed the project an hour before the home visit from the rehab people.
The shower was admired by the therapists the came to the house. This is a great product, antimicrobial surfaces, non slip base is very comfortable without the rough texture that is frequently synonymous with that promise. The ability to easily change the position of the handheld shower to high/low as well as side to side , switching from rain shower to handheld are all done easily with one hand. Sturdy grab bars, installed in the positions specified to your individualized needs.Another great feature, digital read on the faucet giving you water temperature as well as color change of readout. Very important if you have decreased ability to feel things. This is a great shower as well as understanding company . Definitely speak with them if you have disabilities or find yourself suddenly unable to function as you used to. This shower has given my husband independence back, at least in the shower as we continue forwards recovery.And, flowers sent the day my husband came home wishing him well ! At Yankee Home, they answer the phone " How can I put a smile on your face? " My advice...allow them to try!
Review by Chris R
June 7, 2019
Dave came over yesterday late afternoon, arriving early and ready to go. My wife’s comments: very friendly and easy to talk to and accommodating. I agree, was able to get right to looking at our existing front door. Also made some very helpful suggestions and gave us some ideas to think about regarding windows that we were sort of thinking about. Some of the information regarding the door was a little more than necessary as I have wanted to use Yankee Home for some time now because I really enjoy their story and appreciate all the reviews about them, as well as their guarantees! It was more a question of timing of when we could afford them and making sure we had the budget. Dave seemed a little tired though I appreciate that he came out on his day off to cover for another person who wouldn’t be able to have made it. Process took between the times quoted, probably around 80 minutes because we did move forward after taking time to discuss (my wife & I) which we appreciate Dave giving us space to do.
I wasn’t super excited that the cost savings offer was only an on-the-spot offer, mostly because I hadn’t anticipated it. Knowing up front about it would have allowed us to be more prepared to say yes right away. Thankfully we checked, while Dave made some calls, and determined we could make it work. Dave did explain the reason for it well, just would’ve been better to know when scheduling the appointment. All-in-all look forward to working with them.
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