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For more than eight years, Solarverse Energy in Newton, MA has been a family-owned-and-operated business that assists residential clients in buying and installing sustainable solar panels for their home. Our team aims to educate our clients about the benefits they can get when they switch to using renewable energy sources.

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Homeowner Reviews for Solarverse Energy

9 reviews
Review by James A
January 25, 2020
We could not recommend working with any company less. We signed a contract with Accept Solar to have solar panels put on our house. Shawn Ferreira (Shawn Cunniff) the owner was helpful until the company had over $20k of our money in payments. That is when issues started to arise with the permitting process and they would need to change the design. At this point, we decided to cancel the project and contract because the process had taken so long and we were not comfortable with the new design. We were promised our money back multiple times since early November , but as each time we were supposed to receive a check we got radio silence from Shawn then finally a response that he needed more time. We have talked to Shawn (owner) multiple times as well as spoke with Dan Mascroft (Operations) at their offices, but have not received any solution from the company and are still owed a large sum of money back.
Review by Gary
January 14, 2020
I have been working with Accept Solar since August 2nd 2019 on them installing solar, new roof, removal of tree, and H VAC system in and on my house. My parents have been doing the same they signed on the same time we did doing almost the same accect setup. With Accept not doing their HVAC system either. Their communication has not been up to par. They do not tell you when they are showing up to your house to do work. We would then go a few weeks with no updates until I have to reach out to them to find out what was going on. The total cost of the project was $87,000. They did completed the Roof using a subcontractor, trees using a subcontractor, and solar project that was done by accept solar. but have NOT been back to install a H VAC system. The HVAC system cost a total of $20,694.00 this part of the project should of been the easiest it has been long and drawn out. Now I have holes in my walls .
They did come on Dec 21, 2019 (keep in mind this project has been on going since August 2nd) after numerous post pones to install some Mini splits units. But we discussed putting one in every room. 4 bedrooms, master bedroom, living rm, sun room, 2 bathrooms (yes I asked if this was possible and he said yes), a dining room he sized the heat pump for 60,000 BTU. Also not running any of the wires/tubing on the outside of the house. except near the chimney. What they came to do is 3 bedrooms and 1 master bedroom. The Master bedroom couldn't be done because they brought a wall mount unit and there was no where to install a pump for drainage They undersized the sun room should of been sized for a 12,000 Btu but they wanted to install a 6,000 Btu. one unit for the living room 12,000 BTU that was going to cover the living room, dining room, kitchen. Nothing for the 4th bedroom. Which is located in the basement. then they showed up with the heat pump at the size of 48,000 BTU. So on Dec 21 2019 the installer started installing the sun room mini split drilled the hole through the wood paneling to the outside. Also did the same for the living room wall unit until i noticed that they are installing units that was not discussed. The installer recommended that we might be approaching this all wrong and recommended that we use the AC duct work and install new air handlers for upstairs and down stairs with a new heat pump and not use the mini splits. The installer was also concerned we are heating the whole house and nothing for the bathrooms. So the installer packed the other items up and left the living room and sun room units on the wall because of the holes. The owner text me and asked some questions so he can move forward with the job and if i would be OK going a different route. The owner also asked me to remove the living room unit off the wall so he can get the return. we agreed on the different route and the owner was going to put a proposal together now its 1/9/20 and no answer nor no proposal on what this new setup will cost. for the last week the owner has began to ignore my text messages, phone calls. This whole project started on Aug 2nd and it is still on going. The other projects have been finished for months.

Also when it came time to sign for the loan without the project being completed he pleaded with me to sign the loan papers stating the job is completed. because of all the money he had tied up in the project that he could not afford the mini splits system and labor cost.

Also they inspected my electrical panel while taking pictures. After they installed the solar panels on my roof they came back and stated they needed to charge me another $1,500.00 for a sub panel. I believe this should of been looked at while quoting the job and not wait until the solar panels are on the roof before upping the price. We agreed on $1,000.00 and he was going to give me back $500.00 after the job was completed. As I was locked into my loan and that was the last day before the loan had to be renewed only have 90days before this happens. He was pleading with me he wanted me to sign off on the loan.
Review by Rob C
August 14, 2019
Sean and team where great. They designed and delivered exactly what I was looking for without being pushy about overselling. I would highly recommend them based on price, professionalism and ability to deliver on what was promised.
Review by Slava A
August 5, 2019
Shawn is a straight forward kind of guy tells you how it is and I relay appreciated that. I had other solar companies come out and give me a quote and Shawn beat them all and saved me $6,000. Accept Solar is Awesome. the crew was very professional and installed our panels without any problems. Their costumer service is outstanding and quick response. If you want to save money and get it done right the first time then I highly recommend this company. Thank you Shawn and to your team for making this a nice smooth process.
Review by endan C
May 17, 2019
Thank you everyone at Accept Solar. You all did an amazing job! We’re very happy with our solar system
Review by litzXYZ
May 11, 2019
I’d give this company a 6 start if I could. Outstanding customer service throughout the entire process. Highly recommend
Review by Henry J
May 11, 2019
This company was recommended to us. they did a fantastic job with pricing and installing our solar system. They came recommended to us, I would recommend them to anyone
Review by Patricia W.
August 25, 2019
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Review by Jill O.
May 14, 2019
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