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Jim Schiffler Heating & Air, LLC

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About Jim Schiffler Heating & Air, LLC

We are a small family company providing prompt professional and friendly service. Servicing the Eastern shore with excellence available 2/7

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Homeowner Reviews for Jim Schiffler Heating & Air, LLC

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Review by Steiny C.
September 20, 2019
They’re really good guys and really good at what they do. Excellent service all around.
Review by A
March 4, 2019
The Review from Mike Evans is valid. He and the Evans family are trying to buy my 78 year old mothers beach house BUT Jim Schiffler installed a $4400.00 ac unit that still does NOT WORK. He took approx. $4400.00 from my 78 year old mother back in the summer and has NOT FIXED IT even though He promised MY Mother, SISTER & I that he would... It's been 7 MONTHS! He has my 78 year old mother's money since July 2018 and she has NO WORKABLE AC UNIT!
Jim Schiffler is a Man of Many Promises but NO ACTION! WE Have not heard from him for months. And we are still waiting. We had to get the BBB involved now. Mike Evans review is valid. Mr. Evans will be the new owner of the beach house as soon as it has a workable ac unit.

Unfortunately, my family did not have a good experience with Jim.
We paid almost $5000.00 in full for a central air unit in Maryland. The unit never worked a full day blowing cool air. A matter of fact, the first night after he installed the unit we had to leave our home because it got too hot in the house. We had to leave around midnight and find a hotel that was available and spent almost $300.00 for 1 night so we could get some sleep in cool air. The system would blow cool air and then stop producing cool air. Later, Jim had someone come out to look at the hookup and still the unit was not producing cool air. I texted him and he said he would take a look at it. He explained he was going through some health problems which I do understand and I hope he gets well. However, we are a month now and still waiting for our "New Central Air Unit," to work correctly.
Today he was supposed to come out and look at the unit and did not call or show up. The unit still does not produce the cool air it should and the skirting around the platform is still not in place. We paid almost $5000.00 in full and several months later, I'm afraid to say we are very disappointed and could not recommend Jim for his services.
Review by Jimmy P.
February 24, 2019
Best in town hands down
Review by Michael E.
February 11, 2019
Trying to purchase a house that Schindler did the work. Both the AC & heat have not been fixed after the seller paid in August - a 78 year old lady. Bad business!!! Going to have to get someone who knows what they are doing to fix it before we can move in.
Review by H C.
January 20, 2019
On 6/24/2018 my elderly parent’s mobile home (Assateague Pointe, Berlin, MD) (“AP house”) air conditioner unit (“a/c”) stopped working. It was a Sunday evening & every a/c contractor we called went right to voice mail except for Jim Schiffler Heating & Air, LLC (“Jim Schiffler”). Jim Schiffler was given 5 star reviews on various sites. We were so thankful that someone actually answered our call. Jim Schiffler sent his son out the next day to look at our a/c unit & he determined that we needed a new unit. We explained to his son that the new unit would have to be off the ground on a platform & showed him our neighbor’s a/c unit. We told him that was what we wanted. We were quoted a price of $4,400 for the new unit & platform. The a/c unit was installed on 7/20/2018. Jim Schiffler called when the unit was installed & requested the balance due & we paid by credit card over the phone. On 7/30 we were contacted by the Assateague Point ECC Committee. They noticed that the duct work had come apart under the a/c unit. I called Jim Schiffler & he said he would take care of this issue & he did. On 8/4 my Mom & I went to our AP house. We arrived around 7 p.m. & noticed that house wasn’t that cool. On 8/5 I texted Jim Schiffler at 1:16 pm to let him know that the a/c unit was not working properly. Only 2 vents seemed to have air flow & the internal temperature was rising. At 8:36 p.m. I received a text from Jim Schiffler telling me he would not be able to get to us until the next day. By now the internal temperature had risen to 90 degrees. My elderly mother has health issues & needed to be in air conditioning. We had to go to a hotel for the night. Jim Schiffler met us the next day at the AP house around 2:15 pm. He apologized for the inconvenience. After 45 min, Jim Schiffler told us that the flex duct came undone. He said he fixed the issue & everything should be o.k. We left for home (PA) that afternoon thinking everything was working properly. Sometime in early September a family friend stopped by to check on our AP house & noticed the a/c unit was not working properly. The house was not cool. On 9/11 my sister contacted Jim Schiffler about this issue. On 9/13 Jim Schiffler responded that he was still trying to work his way to our house. On 9/20 my sister reached out to Jim Schiffler again to check on the status of our a/c unit. He never responded. On 10/2 Jim Schiffler was supposed to meet with a family friend at our AP house to discuss the a/c issues. Jim Schiffler never showed. On 10/10 I sent Jim Schiffler a detailed timeline of our business relationship. He responded on 10/14 asking for time to put together a plan of action to remedy our a/c issues. On 10/20 Jim Schiffler responded with his plan of action: reimburse us for the expenses incurred for the hotel room; replace the main flexible duct lines including the main metal distribution box with all new at no charge to us; insulate the metal piping & install a metal shroud to protect & cover the new metal pipe between the a/c unit & the house. We would take care of installing the skirting around the platform. We agreed to this plan. I texted Jim Schiffler several times (10/23, 11/21 & 12/12) to see if he had completed the work. On 12/13 I received an email from Jim Schiffler with another excuse/reason why the work had not been completed. He said the job should only take about 2 hrs & that he would let me know when the job was done. Jim Schiffler is a man of many promises & excuses BUT little to NO action. It is now 1/20/2019 & we have not received the promised reimbursement check for the hotel stay or an email/text from Jim Schiffler telling me that he has completed the work or giving us a reason as to why the work has not been done. As of today (7 months after our initial contact with Jim Schiffler), we have no functioning a/c & he has had payment in full ($4400) since 7/20/2018. I wish we had never made the initial call to Jim Schiffler back in June 2018. I would give him a “NO” star rating.