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About All American Remodeling, Inc.

All American Remodeling specializes in commercial, residential, and industrial roofing in the Grand Rapids area and beyond. We are the largest roofing company in West Michigan. Our company provides the best service in our business and we hold the highest standards in customer service. We know how to get the job done right the first time in a timely, efficient manner. It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality materials and workmanship.

We not only focus on roofing, but provide services for siding, windows, and exterior and interior remodeling. We want to help you make an informed decision and to build confidence - we are the right contractor for your Grand Rapids remodeling and roofing project. We'll make sure your home makes a striking impression, adding the greatest curb appeal in your neighborhood.

For us, attention to detail, quality products, and quality craftsmanship is key. Your choice of roofing material is an important decision when protecting your home from the elements, bringing out its beauty, and extending the useful service life of your roof system.

Anyone has the ability to drive a nail through a shingle, but if that was all there was to proper shingle installation, we would not be replacing roofs installed by others that are failing only a couple of years later!

Homeowners have numerous choices of products, styles, and design options. There are several shingle and shingle type materials - asphalt, wood, tile, metal, composite, and more - and that is why choosing the right Grand Rapids contractor to install your roof is extremely important! With so many products available, we'll help you make "Your Best and Safest Choice." We are a full-service Grand Rapids and West Michigan roofing company and we will handle everything from a new roof installation, restoration, and maintenance, to re-roofs and repairs.

All this with the assurance that can solely come with years of experience. Quality craftsmanship and design are key, and we go beyond the basics with innovative maintenance programs, extended warranties, and great customer service, ensuring our customers' satisfaction and their roof's long-term performance.

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Homeowner Reviews for All American Remodeling, Inc.

5 reviews
Review by Juliana H
June 13, 2019
The worst experience ever! This is why you don't go with the cheapest quote all the time! They did great work on what they actually did but kept rescheduling, and did so after not showing up on time for scheduled appointments. Each time we spoke after agreeing to have them do the work, the price went up. They claimed they couldn't finish the work on the second day and would come back to finish. 3 weeks later no one has come back to finish and now if we want then to its going to cost even more! DO NOT USE THEM
Review by Jon T
June 6, 2019
If they’re in your house right now giving you a quote tell them to leave ASAP. Call any one else!!
Review by Ted L
February 4, 2019
I had this company do a steel roof on my home this fall, they hired some scetchy guys to come to my home and do the work, even though i was told they do not sub contract any of their work out, they insisted on working at night which made no sense and i eventually had to get ahold of the boss, ERIC SNYDER, and have him remove them from my property. They sent some other guys a few days later to finish the job, and that was that. But now that all american remodeling has my money i cant, for the life of me, get ahold of anybody about some questions i have about ice build up. Not one phone number i have works and i even have mr. Snyders "personal" cell phone number, and i can not get ahold of a single person. they have some call center people to pat you on the back and tell you what they think you want to hear and that is literally annoying. i would really hate to have to get ahold of them about a warrenty issue if one should ever arise because the roof does have a 45 year warranty. Most likely i would be ignored and left in the dark. This roof was not cheap and i am VERY frustrated about this whole situation. Contacting The better business bureau and who ever else i have to to get something done is my next move. Like i said, once they have the money in their account, GOOD LUCK. I would never recommend this company for anything, EVER!!! And on top of all this, i found atleast a hundred screws and staples spread throughout my driveway next to the house, i would put money on it that they wouldnt replace my tires if i found one of these screws in it. Horrible job for the price i paid!!UPDATE!!! THE MOTHER COMPANY IS CALLED SNYDER ROOFING!!! OUT OF G.R. AND GREENVILLE!!! THEY ARE CROOKS!!! LOOK UP JOHN SNYDER ON M.LIVE OR WZZM!!!! YOU WILL SEE!!!
Review by Gregory J
May 17, 2018
Don't Bother. We signed a contract to have them do work over a month ago. No one has ever called us, scheduled anything with us, or ever attempted to reach out, but they had no problem cashing our check right away. I've called and left multiple messages with the company and the sales agent and never had a call returned. Don't waste your money on this dishonest company.
Review by Howard S
May 3, 2018
John Snyder and his crew just finished a 4 day install of a new metal shingle roof including a new skylight. The job was done as promised within the time scheduled. Cleanup was exceptional. Thanks for a great job and a great new roof!
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