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IN THE SUN WE TRUST. Take back your power, eliminate your electric bill, and earn a profit: all with the power of the Sun! We sell, design, and install solar power systems for home and business owners. Stop renting your power, start owning it - Become Sovereign! When you go solar, you're able to generate electricity that is cheaper and cleaner. Electric bills will be significantly reduced or eliminated. Any excess solar generation is sent to the electric company, your electric meter spins backwards, and you'll earn an energy credit to use at night or on a later date. Everyday folks are waking up to the potential of solar power to save and make them money. People are tired of the electric companies increasing the cost of electricity every year. They're choosing to make an investment in themselves and their homes, by building a clean and profitable power plant. We pride ourselves on our use of premium products, designs, and professional installations. Our goal is to make solar technology the most affordable way to power your life. At the end of the day, solar power delivers more than just savings on your electric bill, it delivers energy independence, energy security, and the ability for you to profit from cutting-edge clean technology for 30+ years.

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Homeowner Reviews for Sovereign Solar

15 reviews
Review by Jason M
January 17, 2020
The entire team is excellent at what they do. Very thorough and courteous.
Great communication throughout the process. Highly recommend them.
Review by Daniel T
January 8, 2020
I have an existing solar system that was installed 3 years ago by another installer. I have an issue with the inverter boxes and called the original installer only to find out that they do not troubleshoot issues after the installation.
So I was put into contact with Patrick (Sovereign Solar) to troubleshoot the issue. We set up an appointment and Patrick was on time and has been very helpful with troubleshooting the problem.
He charges a fair service charge and is very knowledgeable about Solar Systems.
I definitely recommend Sovereign Solar.

Review by Jea
December 31, 2019
Brent was very helpful. I do not handle documents well over the internet and no matter how many times I called for help he was always gracious and did the paperwork for me without complaining . Jean Barton, Topeka
Review by R J
December 26, 2019
Very precise and exacting to get the project done WELL!
Entire TEAM was VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE and extremely hardworking individuals. Plus, they RETURNED my phone calls quickly!
The other solar companies ONLY wanted to sell you what THEY wanted to sell to you,
but Sovereign Solar ONLY SOLD us what we actually NEEDED and customized it to any of our particular requests.
Review by Rea L
October 27, 2019
Was very satisfied with Sovereign Solar. Utility bills are as promised. Even if you start small you won’t regret the investment. Cost of utilities do go up.
Thanks Patrick.
Review by Jon H
October 18, 2019
Patrick got the job because of his pricing and his knowledge. The price for the install of my solar cells was very competitive. He discussed numerous options with us and their value. We chose one of those option which shows our electric usage graph overlaid with graph of solar production. Product is an E-Gauge. Even my wife has be looking at the graphs.

The folk he had installing the panels and system were young, but extremely well versed in there job. There were polite, hard working, cleaned up after each day after the job. The meters and system equipment they installed was well placed and thought out.

Right now, the system has been running for a little over a week and everything is functioning great.

I thank my luck stars for finding Sovereign Solar and adding them to my prospective list. They put to shame all the others.

Thanks for the read, Jon
Review by Monique C
October 18, 2019
Very pleased with Patrick and his employees from day one. Made everything clear from the beginning of the process and right on with our savings. Impressed the crew cleaned up every time they did work.... really appreciate that. Would highly recommend this group!!
Review by Kyle S
October 11, 2019
I have been working at Sovereign Solar for over 2 years now and just have to say we are the only way to go when it comes to Solar Panel installation, from beginning to end you deal with experts who are passionate about Solar and make Customer Satisfaction a priority. Don't hesitate to reach out to us and we will help you harvest the power of the Sun and eliminate your electric bill!
Review by Charles H.
June 27, 2019
Sovereign solar seems like a great company and Patric Khosravani OWNER was very nice to work with.
Review by Josie D
June 14, 2019
I am in absolute awe of your company. The guys that you sent out to install my system are absolutely out of this world. They are committed, involved, hard working, professional, innovative and proud of what they do. I watched this team work and it has made me re-think how I see this new generation. If they are a glimpse into what is coming then I am very pleased.
I am hoping that you and those who you associate with are the bright star in the horizon.
I am impressed with all of you. I am so happy to have become part of the solution to our environmental issues...if only in a small way.
I just had to let someone know what a life changer this has been for me.
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