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Sovereign Solar

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About Sovereign Solar

Take back your power, eliminate your electric bill, and earn a profit: all with the power of the Sun! We sell, design, and install solar power systems for home and business owners.
Stop renting your power, start owning it - Become Sovereign!

When you go solar, you're able to generate electricity that is cheaper and cleaner for 30+ years.

When you generate solar power, your electric bill is reduced or eliminated. Any excess generation is sent to the electric company, your utility meter spins backwards, and you will earn an energy credit to use at night.

Everyday folks are waking up to the potential of solar power to save and make money. People are tired of the electric companies increasing the cost of electricity every year. They're choosing to make an investment in themselves and their homes, by building clean and profitable power plant.

We pride ourselves on our use of premium products, designs, and professional installations. Our goal is to make solar technology the most affordable way to power your life. At the end of the day, solar power delivers more than just savings on your electric bill, it delivers energy independence, energy security, and the ability for you to profit from cutting-edge clean technology.

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