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SunSmart Technologies

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About SunSmart Technologies

Want a single-digit utility bill?Want to get that bill on a hot summer day while your air conditioner is running?We're Sunsmart Technologies, and our job is to make that happen. We've been part of the solar energy industry and have been serving the Kansas City area since 2012.

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Homeowner Reviews for SunSmart Technologies

5 reviews
Review by Laurie C.
April 10, 2019
We've been very happy in working with their Energy Consultant, Tanner Christoph. He has been very helpful in explaining solar to us and answering any questions we may have. After designs were drawn up, we started to worry about how solar may take away from the beautification of our home. Sunsmart is working with us to ensure we are happy with the new design/layout as well as helping us gain the most efficiency. We are looking forward to getting our solar panels installed.
Review by Micheal P.
March 6, 2019
3rd year, I jumped the gun a little and got a 6 Kwh system for my home takes care of about only 50% of my annual electric bill. Last October I called Sunsmart, because my Eguage that tells me how much energy I was creating didn't match what KCPL was giving me credit for, NO RESPONSE! from the service tech. Got my furnace and AC replaced thinking that this would help, no luck. Called Monday to get help and mentioned what happened last year and they said that tech no longer worked for them. Good new, I thought this one should be better! Chris called me said send him the KCPL data that shows over the last 12 months KCPL has only credited me for 3.5Kwh. he recommended calling KCPL too. I did right away and found that the meter is reading accurately on their end. I tried calling Chris back, no answer! called sunsmart left message no call back since. This has got to be the worst feeling in the world, your warranty is only as good as the company providing the service. I will hire an electrician and/or a solar installer and back charge the company or take them to court. I don't like being scammed! Be careful dealing with them, or be safe and find a more reputable place to spend your hard earned dollars.
Review by Lorena A.
February 9, 2019
Great company to work with made finance to install super easy. Please ask for Tanner he was great to work with and very knowledgeable
Review by jen u.
April 24, 2018
SunSmart installed a quality solar system for my home in December and I have been sooo pleased with the entire process. The paperwork was easy, got a great rate on financing, answered all of my millions of questions, kept me updated on progress, install crew was friendly, and final product is awesome- fun to watch the electricity generated vs usage on my mobile. Couldn't be happier!
Review by Kurt B.
January 3, 2018
I received three bids to install solar on my house, SunSmart was one of them. It was easy to schedule an appointment and the salesman arrived on time. He was very nice and seemed reasonably knowledgeable. His pitch was primarily directed at selling me on solar in general rather than on their particulars though. Since I was already decided on solar and was just shopping for an install, it was mostly wasted on me.

There are three big reasons that I didn't choose SunSmart:

1. They use economy solar panels. Don't believe the "tier one" rating, that refers to the economic stability of the panel manufacturer, not the panels themselves. Now, there isn't necessarily anything wrong with using economy panels if they are priced accordingly but...
2. They are more expensive than competitors. Their quoted price was nearly 25% higher than the other two bids that I received and this was for a smaller wattage system (due to less efficient economy solar panels).
3. You pay a premium for financing. SunSmart will offer you financing at a fantastic rate with fantastic terms but you will pay for it. The salesman told me I could have the same system for ~$4k less if I paid cash (this price was still higher than my other two bids).

I can't comment on their installation or service after the sale but their proposal left me very unimpressed.

The key takeaway here is to make sure you get multiple bids if you are considering any major project!

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