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We specialize in construction that intelligently addresses energy consumption, conservation, and energy production. By focusing on these aspects- and collaborating closely with you- our team will produce cost-effective, energy-efficient results for your building!

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9 reviews
Review by Jared O
February 2, 2020
It's really is such a shame I have to give this rating since this company is extraordinary. They use only top notch products and have a commitment to exceptional service. Additionally, they have a plethora of amazing people who work there and perform their tasks amazingly well. I love SunSource! One bad apple at the top of it all spoils the bunch. The problem is squarely on the owner, Keith Graepler.

I am a former employee who was laid off because I blew the whistle on the owners criminal behavior. Keith Graepler has bled the company dry for his own personal gain for years. They will likely be out of business soon and should you choose to do business with this company rest assured you will be lied to excessively and they will make promises to you thet will simply never be able to uphold. For instance, your 25 year workmanship warranty is all but worthless since the company probably won't last this calendar year.

I still have money owed to me that I will likely never receieve and several of my sold jobs have been so badly mishandled by SunSource that many of my customers are backing out or preparing to file suits.

I hope somehow and someway someone comes to the rescue and saves this amazing company from the pitfalls of Kieth Graepler.
Review by Korry H
December 24, 2019
kurt was a very informative salesman, answered all my concerns.great install crew love my solar panels
Review by Kate K
December 8, 2019
This company has had my money for eight months now and even though the system has been fully approved they have failed to install my solar system. I suspect they are in financial difficulty. They won't return my calls to schedule an installation date and I fear I will suffer financially. Do not do business with this company! They do not deliver what they promise!
Review by Steve K
December 2, 2019
After receiving several quotes, we contracted SunSource Homes to install 2 different 100 kW systems for our business and we are very pleased with the results. The difference in presentations, quality of projects, and knowledgeability of the reps made it clear that SunSource definitely knows what they are doing. They were able to successfully design and install the two challenging systems. Both of the arrays had to be placed on a hillside, and one had interconnections with over 700 feet that needed to go through rock, roads, and concrete. Our system is producing exactly what was projected. Everyone from sales, to operations, to the installation and management team did a great job. I would highly recommend SunSource for any project, big or small.
Review by DJElk3
October 30, 2019
I will begin by saying that there are a couple good things about SunSource. We had our panels installed this March, 2019. Everything from the sales pitch through the install of the panels went smoothly. Their actual laborers are incredibly respectful and courteous. Aside from that, however, there is nothing good I can say about this company.
During the install, one worker stepped through our bathroom ceiling light while walking in the attic. It was unfortunate that it happened, but mistakes happen - no problem. They immediately notified my wife of what happened and said they would let management know right away that it needed to be fixed because they cracked the ceiling drywall as well. We were assured it would be taken care of right away. That's where the good ends and the bad begins.

In order to meet Google review character limits, I will be brief in this portion. It took 6 months total to get everything in our house fixed that SunSource messed up. They cracked the ceiling once during the installation and then AGAIN when they had to get in the attic to repair a large leak in our roof from the solar panels. The subcontractor they hired to fix our ceiling no called, no showed several times. The project management would not return our calls for days at a time. The solar panels developed TWO separate leaks in our roof resulting in water damaged ceilings and attic insulation.

If you would like the long story, feel free to check out their Facebook page. There are many more details that I don't have room for in this post.

At this point, my wife and I requested a meeting with someone in the upper management to discuss our frustrations. We finally got the meeting at the end of September. The president and chairman refused to meet with us after my wife and I got off work, so we both had to take time off work in order to drive all the way downtown to meet them by their requested time.

During the meeting, my wife and I told Keith Graepler and Peter Olson about everything that had gone wrong. They apologized and gave excuses for why things happened and said they would get everything fixed. After that, I asked how they were going to make it up to my wife and I for the 6 months of wasted time and frustration. They acted like we were being completely unreasonable for even asking such a thing.

There were a number of questionable remarks by both men, but most of all when I asked them what they would do if they were in my shoes.
Keith then responded that "he and Peter were contractors, so they understood how these things work and my wife and I were not contractors, so we had no idea how these things work, so that question is completely irrelevant." He then went on to say in exact words, "If I were in your position, I would not want to PISS OFF the people who were in charge of my solar warranty."

Again, more very questionable remarks, but the meeting concluded eventually. Both Keith and Peter gave us their personal business cards and told us to call or text them directly with any more concerns from here on out and they would get back to us within the day, if not a couple hours.

Two weeks later they finally got back to the house to repaint the bathroom. I then texted Peter on a Saturday about the compensation he and Keith had agreed on. I did not expect to hear back from him until Monday, as it was a weekend. Monday comes, no word back from Peter. So I proceeded to text the exact same thing to Keith on Monday. And no response from Keith either. So I called Keith that Wednesday - no answer. So I left a message - no response. That Thursday Peter emails me, not calls. He says that now that everything was fixed, they would send the compensation that "we agreed upon" although it was indeed NOT what we had agreed. He went on to say that my wife and I were trying to take advantage of SunSource and were being extremely unreasonable.

The entire time, SunSource played as though they were the victims in the process. I would absolutely never recommend them to anyone. Feel free to contact me for more details.
Review by Taylo
October 23, 2019
I’ve got working solar panels on my roof! Couldn’t be happier. Sunsource helped secure 2% financing and everything was turn-key. They use the enphase enlighten technology which allows you to watch their output in real-time. Great experience.
Review by Mike R
July 23, 2019
Andrea gave us her presentation. it was becoming evident that solar was not for us. Andrea was The first to point this out !!!! Kudos to her professionalism.
Sincerely, Mike
Review by Kevin M
May 1, 2019
Very pleased with my solar project. SunSource did a wonderful job making my project look great. It was completed well before the projected completion date. There were no hidden costs. They handled all the permitting, made financing the project simple, and were quick to respond to my questions.
Review by Duane M
March 8, 2019
From the very start when we were researching solar companies and various systems SunSource has been head and shoulders above everyone else.
We now have a state of the art system that has been installed by knowledgeable people and the continuing support and monitoring has been top notch. Every step of the way has been a learning experience for us as our support staff has made sure we understand how everything functions and why they do each thing in the process..
We couldn't have come up with a better team had we scripted it ourselves.
We looked at several providers and talked to several people who have other systems and providers, Sandy and I feel that if you're not seriously planning to use SunSource, you are going to be settling for less at every point in both equipment and customer service.
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