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At Dawson Dodd, we believe in providing our customers with the best value and quality service available in the St. Louis Area. We have constant radio contact with all of our technicians to provide timely service. When you buy from Dawson Dodd, you buy quality and you get service.

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Homeowner Reviews for Dawson-Dodd Heating and Cooling

5 reviews
Review by Jay W
September 4, 2019
Second time I've tried to get in contact with this company, they are never open or answer the phone.
Review by Cynthia N
October 25, 2018
If you like NIGHTMARES and STRESS, don't care if your HEAT ISN'T FUNCTIONAL after 3 days of installation work and 2 weeks of trying for resolution, want your HOUSE LIT ON FIRE and then have them tell you they won't repair it, or want your BASEMENT FLOODED 3 TIMES in 3 days, then hire this company. Otherwise, .... DO NOT USE THEM....
• Monday, October 1, 2018: A charge for the amount that should be billed upon completion of work (per the terms and conditions portion of the contract) is posted to my VISA account. They have not even started work, yet...…. They obviously do not think the contract is binding....
• Tuesday, October 2, 2018: began work, taking out my fully functional air conditioner and furnace (wish I had it back). They broke the water line to the old humidifier, which was to be removed, partially flooding the basement.
• Wednesday October 3, 2018: began install of ac and furnace, lit my wall on fire. I was quite upset that they knew of the fire and had not told me. I believe the fire department should have been called immediately, rather than their employee breaking a hole in the wall, shoving my hose through the window and flooding the area trying to put it out himself. This put my home, myself and my pets in very real danger.
• Thursday, October 4, 2018: One employee came out to "finish" the install. He was able to get the ac activated (sort of), leaving a large hole in the intake ductwork. He was going to leave a hole in the export area, but put tape over it at my request before he left at 10:30 pm. The flue liner has not been installed, the exhaust for the furnace is not attached and I am unable to use the furnace due to CO2 emissions into the basement if it were turned on. Pump installed incorrectly and floods basement for 3rd time during the night.
• Friday, October 5, 2018: My project has been abandoned since this date. NO ONE WAS SCHEDULED TO COMPLETE THE WORK and no one called to schedule completion in the future. Apparently other jobs were more important.
• Sunday, October 7, 2018: I have decided that this company is inept and sent email/phone call requesting return of my money and repair of basement wall.
* There was no response to my emails until 10/10/2018 when they sent a copy of a letter stating that "we are sorry you have not allowed us to complete the installation" and that since I had not allowed their "carpenter" to perform the repairs to the basement wall (caused by the fire they started) and that they "assume no responsibility for the equipment, nor are we liable for any portion of the installation by other contractors" (there have not been any other contractors), "or any repairs, or any work performed in your home" They most certainly are responsible for the damages they caused, and need to pay for repairs which will be done by the fire restoration company of my choice. They were allowed three days to complete a one day project (per their salesperson) and they were not able to.
I have 15 videos showing problems and poor workmanship and have requested they refund the rest of my money and remove the equipment from my home. . I do not wish to have them in my home again, as they have caused much damage, done shoddy work and not communicated well with me.
10/15/18 This company is awful to deal with. I still have no heat and it has been dropping into the 30's at night. I am in my 60's and COLD. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT USE THEM.
I had to give them one star, but would give zero stars if possible.
Review by Kim G
July 19, 2018
WE purchased a Mr. Slim Mitsubishi system from them about 10 years ago and they used to come out and service it every year. Had great service and very happy. This year, after 1 month and 3 phone calls (they didn't bother to call back), the guy comes out to service the system and tells us that we need to buy a "kit" and leaves saying he'll call us next week to schedule another time to come out. This is ridiculous! They have lost our business
Review by Jules
January 17, 2018
. I have used Dawson Dodd for 25 years. They offer a Warranty Service Plan and the preventive maintenance twice a year has increased the functioning and longevity of my AC/heating unit.
. John does the scheduling and does an awesome job. He offers a prompt response, excellent service and always works around my schedule. Dawson Dodd offers Same-day service with their Service Plans.
. Great communications - I always received a call or text 30 minutes prior to arrival.
. The techs always arrive at the estimated scheduled time.
. All of the techs are friendly, courteous, professional, knowledgeable, very skillful and provide great customer service. The last tech was Brad and he really went out of his way, above and beyond, noticing then tweaking several small preventive maintenance things. Brad took the time to explain everything he was doing and why.
. The cost are very reasonable.
. Excellent experience. Excellent company!!!!
Review by Wendy W
January 15, 2018
I was assigned Dawson Dodd Heating & Cooling by my 2 -10 Home Warranty and I am so glad I was. They called me right away this AM to make an appointment. They actually came out the same day! Great tech, terrific customer service. It turned out to be something very simple. He cleaned unit, but my main issue was the filter was too "good" and was blocking air flow drastically which cause my furnace to turn on and off every couple of minutes and we had no air flow to my upstairs vents. The tech certainly could have told me I needed a new blower etc. and I would have complied with no questions asked and forked out a few hundred dollars. Instead I paid $75.00 and understand my system so much better than I did earlier. I will call no one else for service in the future. I highly recommend. Honesty is the best policy.
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