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Roofing-Pro has been serving the Greensboro area for over ten years, and the team has a wealth of knowledge and experience to make your roofing project seamless and stress-free.

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Homeowner Reviews for Window Pro

5 reviews
Review by Joel S
October 12, 2019
The staff was very friendly and kept us informed every step of the way. The waiting area is clean and they have complimentary beverages to include soda and coffee, not just a water fountain you find at most places. Highly recommend them.
Review by Adewale A
August 22, 2019
I have never experienced such professionalism and quick turn around with excellent results. Be assured that safelite takes care of all customers. Josh set me up with Uber both ways. Killed many birds in one day. They have an excellent communication system.
Review by Karen W
July 23, 2019
I took my Subaru Outback in for the windshield to be replaced, following a stone chip whilst traveling on the interstate. I decided to try a repair instead. The repair lasted a week or so and then cracked badly. I understand this can happen so I booked my car in for a replacement windshield, covered in part by my insurance. I waited a couple of hours and then received a call to say my windshield was fitted but they were unable to calibrate the eyesight technology and I would need to take it to the Subaru dealer to have it done. To add insult they called me to find out what time I was planning on returning to pick up my vehicle as they were closing! (I was waiting a half mile walk away, for them to let me know when I could pick up my car!) Unfortunately, when I spoke with Subaru, about recalibrating my windshield, they had no free appointments for 3 weeks and as I was driving to the beach the following week, it was a problem. The added safety features of my vehicle were not working for a long drive to the beach. Subaru told me that if I could leave the car with them for 2 or 3 days they would fit it in between other appointments. I had visitors from England arriving, my son was having surgery and I was preparing for our beach trip, so I couldn’t afford to be without a car. Neither could I spare the time. I contacted Safelite who graciously agreed to a car rental at their expense, however, I spent several hours arranging with a friend to take my car to the dealer and to collect it again, going to collect and return the rental car and then being told that Safelite had not connected any of the hoses or windshield washers etc., back where they should be, in working order. Subaru said they would reconnect everything and put it back as it should be, they wanted $62 for doing this. Subaru asked Safelite to pay for it and they refused and said that if I took the car back to them (another 1 hour round trip plus the gas cost for me running around trying to put right what they couldn’t or wouldn’t do). I paid the $62 myself, as I didn’t have the time to spend. Shame on you Safelite. A poor service, with little regard for your customer’s time and money!
Review by LT H
July 20, 2019
Went to get a chip fixed, found out it had to be replaced no matter how small. Thank God for insurance. Waited an hour and a half only to be told that they didn't have my glass. Set appointment for the next day, installer came early and got the job done. Not a 4 star review, but hey my 3 is pretty good
Review by Daniel C
May 21, 2019
Had a great experience with the entire Safelite team. They greeted me upon arrival, put me in touch with my service technician Jeff, he took me through the entire workflow, and I was out of there in 90 minutes.

Very impressive team focused on customer care. They certainly execute on the customer satisfaction they are trained for. Always great to see that investment pay off.
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