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Homeowner Reviews for Singleton Enterprise

5 reviews
Review by Lauren D
November 5, 2019
Jim and his crew were great. Very responsive and in less than a month of meeting him, we have a beautiful new roof. His crew showed up on time and did great work. We are very appreciative of the quality and value. Personable, friendly, and helpful. Thank you for a job well done.

UPDATE: They stand by their roofing work. Had a window leak during a bad rain storm (didn't know at the time) and the lead foreman came out to Winston Salem to inspect and caulk. We were worried it was the roof but it was unrelated. We tried to pay for the time on the roof. This roofing crew went above and beyond.
Review by John A
September 9, 2019
Jim’s crew did an outstanding job on my roof. The quality of their work is great, clean up was great. Haven’t seen a single nail or bit of shingle anywhere.
Review by Jamiso
June 12, 2019
Jim was great to work with and a true professional. He showed me all of the issues with our roof and exactly how they needed to be repaired. All repairs were done the next day before it rained. I highly recommend his service.
Review by R E
April 6, 2019
I received several estimates to replace roof. Mr Singleton seemed to be religious and ready to start. He started job and dragged after starting. He also only finished the job when I held final payment via insurance company. Mr. Singleton also gave estimate on siding and had me do a special order in April 2018. It is now April 1019 and I am stuck with thousands of dollars of siding. Jim keeps putting me off saying he is busy and scheduled to come by 4 days which he never showed nor called to say he would not be able to meet. I would not recommend this company unless you like stress. Jim Singleton has no no property listing, no insurance. His company did roof and had no inspection supposedly guaranteed for 5 years but no follow up to leaks. Not licensed in electrical, plumbing or building contractor as I have been able to find. A disaster looking for a place to happen.
Review by April
December 19, 2018
Was suppose to fix my roof but never came back and only replied to my many messages once. All I was ever told is he was busy. August he came to look at roof, asked when he would be back to fix it. Replied in September he was busy. Said I understand but I need to sell my house. Every contact after that was no reply but shown as read. I ended up missing the prime time to sell my house over this. Very disappointed as he was referred to me by two people. Was such a nice person when we met, even prayed together. I don’t understand why any professional business would do that to someone. Instead of having me wait and wait why not just tell me you have no plans of ever coming back. I have given many chances with nothing coming out of it so I decided to leave this review for other people to see what has happened to me.
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