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At Roofwise we realize that your roof system serves many purposes, from protecting your home or business to increasing the curb appeal and long-term property value. Our trained contractors are happy to answer all questions, as well as work with our clients every step of the way to ensure they locate the ideal roof solution for their requirements and budget. Many of our clients have specific roofing goals, and with hard work and quality materials, our contractors are ready to help you achieve those goals.




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Homeowner Reviews for Roofwise

6 reviews
Review by Alexandra C
June 20, 2019
I had issues with the carelessness of some of the workers during a roofing update at my apartment complex that gave me a negative opinion of this company, however I’m updating my review because when the owner was notified of the issues at our community he took quick action in correcting the problems with certain workers & even offered compensation for the damage done to my patio. It’s unfortunate some of the workers reflected poorly on the company, however I greatly appreciated the fact that the owner took my concerns seriously and reached out to correct the problems.
Review by John K
March 29, 2019
These are obviously paid ratings. Dan Poole subs out all work. Nothing wrong with that as long as you actually supervise the work. The problem is that he doesn't check behind his subcontactors. Not sure he even knows where our neighborhood is located as I haven't seen him yet, and he's been making money off of our HOA for months. The work is sub-par at best. We've had 3 different subs so far in the neighborhood. On inspection today. our brand new roof has nails sticking out of it all over the place from lazy tradesmen that don't believe that hand nailing is worthwhile (nail guns). The pictures that I am posting are all in a 10 square foot corner of our roof. If you'd like a quality shingle job on your biggest investment, please call anyone besides Dan Poole at RoofCrooks. I started my career swinging a hammer, and did so for 12 years. I wouldn't have gotten a pay check for leaving behind this kind of work. I hate to break it to Mr. Dan Poole, but I am ultimately his customer. An HOA is funded by its residents. The workmanship speaks for itself.
29MAR19 Update (since Mr. Dan Poole is above responding to my direct communications): New picture added is of the nails that were picked up on our community's road in front our house in a quick, 2 min look last night with only a phone flashlight last night in the dark. I'm only hoping that my posts will help at least one person or HOA think twice about using Roofwise. They don't care...and it shows.
Review by Sheri F
January 17, 2019
I'm SICK OF YOUR CALLS. You keep calling and calling and calling. I've asked you to stop. What do I have to do to get you to STOP!!!!
Review by Kaela S
September 13, 2017
Great and honest company to work for. We absolutely loved how our new roof came out and the workers are great and very helpful. Yannick the supervisor on site was extremely professional and helpful!! If you are looking for a great roofing company I would highly recommend them!!
Review by Robert S
September 5, 2016
First class in estimating, advising, materials, installation, and follow-up. I know I got the best overall value using Roofwise. Getting a new roof should not be taken lightly. For sure, all companies are not the same.
Review by William E.
June 6, 2019
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