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Window Replacement Costs in Your Area

Replacing a single window costs an average of $300 to $750 per replacement window. This would be a replacement window being installed into an existing window frame that is in good shape. Replacing your windows in an average 3 bedroom home in your neighborhood with 10 windows can cost from $2,500 to $7,500.

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Determining the local average cost of your window replacement is probably high on your list of priorities—and there’s a lot going into replacement windows price estimates near you. The price of new windows installation and replacement windows depends on these factors:

  • Number of replacement windows needed.
  • Types of windows wanted.
  • Window style and materials.
  • Type of insulation.
  • Window Installation & Labor costs near you.
  • The standard local price for replacement window work in your area.

Average Replacement Window Costs Near You

If your home has standard rough opening window sizes, you can simply add the cost of standard sized windows from the local window supplier you choose. Most suppliers in your area will have many different replacement window types to choose from, and you can price the windows before you order them. Simply measure the windows rough openings around your home and talk with your local window contractor to see how much it’ll cost to have your desired windows installed. Here are a list of the most common window types and their average costs near you:

  • Average Window Installation Cost Near You: $38 per hour.
  • Replacement Single Hung Window Costs Near You: $170 – $360
  • Replacement Double Hung Window CostsNear You: $300 – $850
  • Replacement Arched Window Costs Near You: $325 – $500
  • Replacement Awning Windows Costs Near You: $420 – $760
  • Replacement Bay Window Costs Near You: $1150 – $3550
  • Replacement Casement Windows Costs Near You: $270 – $750
  • Replacement Egress Window Costs Near You:  $1000 -$5000
  • Replacement Garden Window Costs Near You: $1000 – $4000
  • Replacement Glass Block Windows Cost Near You: $400 – $1100
  • Replacement Hopper Window Costs Near You: $260 – $720
  • Replacement Jalousie Windows Costs Near You: $175 – $375
  • Replacement Picture Window Costs Near You: $340 – $800
  • Replacement Round Circle Window Costs Near You: $250 – $750
  • Replacement Skylight Window Costs Near You: $900 – $2130
  • Replacement Sliding Window Costs Near You: $320 – $1300
  • Replacement Storm Window Costs Near You: $200 – $460
  • Replacement Transom Window Costs Near You: $ 200 – $575
  • Replacement Aluminum Window Costs: $550 – $750 per double hung window in your area.
  • The cost of window replacement for 10 vinyl windows in your area is an average of $15,955
  • The cost of 10 replacement wood windows near you would be around $19,39.
  • $50 to $100 more per window for new construction windows in your neighborhood.

Local Window Installation Costs 

The average window replacement labor and installation costs near you usually starts at $38 per hour.

You’ll want to hire a reliable local window contractor to complete the job. To get an idea of the actual labor and window installation costs in your area, have a couple of window contractors come look at your windows and offer a quote. You’ll generally pay a bit more for labor when a contractor installs windows you’ve already purchased, because most contractors make money off purchasing windows for a homeowner. Still, you can expect the average window replacement labor and installation cost to start at $38 per hour.

Window contractors have many relationships established with window manufacturers in your area. Many local window contractors can get a discount on new replacement windows, but they will bill you for the full cost of the window. The percentage they save on the replacement window serves as another form of payment for the job, reducing the overall window installation costs.

Top Window Brands Near You: 

Top Replacement Window Types Near You: 

  1. Single Hung Windows
  2. Double Hung Windows
  3. Arched Windows
  4. Awning Windows
  5. Bay Windows
  6. Bow Windows
  7. Casement Windows
  8. Egress Windows
  9. Garden Windows
  10. Glass Block Windows
  11. Hopper Windows
  12. Jalousie Windows
  13. Picture Windows
  14. Round Circle Windows
  15. Skylight Windows
  16. Sliding Windows
  17. Storm Windows
  18. Transom Windows

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