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About Rymes Propane and Oil

We offer heating fuel deliveries and equipment sales and installations to residents and businesses in New Hampshire and parts of Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine. We have been one of the region's leading heating companies since 1969, when Rymes Propane & Oil began providing New Englanders with heating service. That year, Jim and Carol Rymes traded in their family car for a pick-up truck that they used to start a business delivering propane to local homes and commercial properties. Over time, the business grew and branched out to offer a variety of heating fuels and service. Since then, Rymes has carefully built a solid reputation for superior service at affordable prices. We are now a second-generation business, run by brothers Jim, John, and Tom Rymes, and we are proud to represent our 45-year tradition of local, affordable, and dependable service to customers in New England.

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8:00AM – 4:30PM
8:00AM – 4:30PM
8:00AM – 4:30PM
8:00AM – 4:30PM

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Homeowner Reviews for Rymes Propane and Oil

10 reviews
Review by Iris V
January 31, 2020
Best service ever! Dealt with my heating issue in a timely fashion. Very polite and respectful. William L. Showed up on time and was very understanding. Explained everything he was doing and went above and beyond to make sure our needs were met. Thank you so much !
Review by Hockey F
January 16, 2020
Our former fuel supplier had us run out of oil twice last winter and once this winter; while on automatic delivery. We finally had enough and called Rymes Propane & Oil. We experienced outstanding customer service from a girl named McKenna. Come to find out Rymes had a truck down the road and we had a delivery within 30-minutes. The driver was courteous and very polite and got us back up and running in a matter of 15-minutes. We are very pleased to say we have a new supplier. Great job Rymes!
Review by Julie M
January 10, 2020
Great service today for the installation of heat in our garage. Keith C and Pat O arrived promptly. They were friendly, professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and tidy with their work space. Highly recommend.
Review by ED T
January 9, 2020
I am very impressed with Rymes and the technician, Jimmy. The office was extremely reactive to my call, and then the technician who showed up within just a few hours was highly experienced and wonderfully knowledgeable about my system. He spent the time for a thorough analysis and then repaired it on the spot including replacing a few parts. He made sure to explain to me exactly what had happened, the actions he took, and how to avoid further problems in the future. I cannot imagine a company being more professional and organized. Thank you Rymes. Five stars for sure!!!!
Review by Diane M
December 19, 2019
I ordered my oil online, for the first time. It was pretty cool since I do the majority of my bills and work after midnight. It was nice to just be able to order it at my convenience. The site gave me the price, and said they would deliver on December 21st or sooner. Today is 12/19 and the driver just left. Nice guy, very pleasant. He was taken back a bit and very appreciative of the Christmas tip I gave him. He deserved it if for nothing else, having a nice disposition.
Thank you for the great service!
Review by Shiro A
November 6, 2019
My heater is DEAD, as in DOES NOT FUNCTION AT ALL. Bought a new one, and I was told I would have to wait until the middle of December from the supplier. Called up Rymes, as I've done in the past, to see if they could pick up the stove from the supplier, bring it here, and install it in a, preferably, timely manner. They've done this for me in the past in another building. Not only was the person I spoke with told by the manager that it is NOT a service they offer (was not told if it was a new policy, just "no.") but that "The stove people" would have to take care of it for me.

Again, I have NO HEAT possibly until the MIDDLE OF DECEMBER. NOT impressed. Don't expect any help from these people if you have a legitimate heating emergency. You're better off buying a space heater and huddling around it with the family for communal body heat and toughing out the winter than getting anything from them.

We are experiencing BELOW FREEZING temperatures, and it's only going to get colder as December comes around. I have nothing. I have to pray my pipes don't freeze.

I'd give 0/5 if I could. I don't blame the person I spoke with, they were just relaying what they were told. I blame the "manager" for doing a poor job.
Review by Zach G
October 24, 2019
You delivered oil to my house, even though I called you during the delivery, because my security cameras were tripped, and told you to stop because I am not a customer. Your driver had to drive past the address marker and walk past the address plate on the front of my house that clearly stated we are on the odd side of the street, when you were supposed to deliver to my neighbor across the street. You overfilled my brand new oil tank - thank god it didn't spill into my basement. You left a bill saying to call you, AFTER I called saying to stop. I called again this morning and was rudely told that I can either pay a discounted rate within 30 days, or you can come and remove the oil you put in, after being put on hold for 10+ minutes, after already trying to stop you from giving me oil I did not order or want. What a horrendous experience.
Review by arbara S
October 23, 2019
Not pleased to pay $125 service call to start propane wall heater. They didn't do anything but push ignitor button which the pilot light kept going out. Just needed a cleaning!!
Review by Vilma M
October 10, 2019
Customer service is very rude and cannot EVER give you a delivery date. I changed to a much BETTER company.
Review by John E
September 25, 2019
I’d like to commend the delivery driver, Annette, for her thoughtfulness.

We had recently had our driveway paved. I had my SUV down at the bottom showing that we did have vehicles using it.
The driver, Annette, parked at the top of the driveway and brought the hose down a substantial distance to the fill area. She said she’d feel better by not driving the truck down the driveway.

It’s not often I see people actually “think’ and be considerate of others.
Annette was very considerate and personable.

She deserves acknowledgement of a ‘job well done’ and making the customer very happy.
This is how you keep customers and get new customers by reference.
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