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About Ray Energy Solar 4 Free LLC

At Ray Energy our main focus and solar strategy for both our solar energy consultants, field solar specialist and the homeowners is to take the approach of helping families go solar with $0 out of pocket. All of this is accomplished without anything to sell. Our certified consultants are low pressure and really provide the perfect customer experience by asking the correct questions before taking the next step of qualifying them first to see if solar is right for them and their families before installing their solar project. The solar energy consultants we attract and hire are Goal Driven , Coachable, Competitive , and most of all Hard Working. We take step by step approach with all of our homeowners to making sure the solar process is seamless and best of all, setting the right homeowner expectations from start to finish with regards to their solar project. We do it right every time and we are proud of our accomplishments.

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  • Accepts Emergency Requests
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