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Started in the back of an Airstream trailer in 1998, Affordable Solar's roots trace back to a passion for renewable energy, strong community and having fun. With $52 million in revenue and over 100 employees, Affordable Solar has outgrown the Airstream, but remains committed to the principles on which the company was founded.Affordable Solar has installed over 2,000 solar systems in New Mexico and supplied more than 20,000 systems to commercial, industrial, scientific, community and residential customers in 96 countries. Our business model is built on a commitment to complement every solar system with our dedication to teamwork, integrity and outstanding customer service.

  • Accepts Credit Card




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9:00AM – 5:00PM

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Homeowner Reviews for Affordable Solar

5 reviews
Review by Gerri W
November 3, 2019
I want to express my complete satisfaction with the exceptional customer service provided by Jonathan Teran, the residential service manager at Affordable Solar. From my first phone conversation with him through the actual service call (in Oct 2019), I was impressed with his professionalism and expertise. At the same time, I really appreciated him being so personable and friendly; he took time to answer all my questions. Overall, we have never regretted choosing Affordable Solar for the solar installation on our house back in 2013. We appreciate their excellent pricing and warranty, excellent communication and customer service -- and we appreciate their commitment to give back to the Albuquerque community.
Review by Krik M
October 16, 2019
Product was good and quality of install appears good so far after 2 years. Big problem with truth telling. I specifically asked if it would be possible, in the future, to add panels should I get an electric car. I asked if would be possible to just add panels and I was told “yes, absolutely, at about $1,000 a panel”. I even have this in my notes. Now that I’m in the market for an electric car, I called to add panels and was told the whole process has to start over at considerably higher price. Buyers remorse starts now. Go somewhere else if you think you might add later. In all fairness, they subcontracted their sales department to contractors. The person who lied to me was a contractor, not an employee, however from my standpoint there is no difference.
Review by Dena F
August 22, 2019
When we called for service, it had been almost 5 years since the solar panels were installed. The Affordable Solar Tech arrived a little early :). He was professional, cheerful, concerned and thorough. The system was back up and running within 20 minutes bof his arrival. Many thanks, Affordable!
Review by Robert K
August 14, 2019
As a HAPPY CUSTOMER I not sure where to start. Installation, now some 8 years ago, was excellent. Since then I've had several micro-converters go bad and each time the service was prompt and efficient. In simple terms I have ZERO COMPLAINTS. Great, GREAT COMPANY.
Review by Mindy T
May 1, 2019
We had such a great experience - from start to end! Krystal was very patient while we asked a million questions and considered all of our options. She was honest with all of her answers and it was very clear that she is passionate about her work and about her company. Every team member during the installation was on time, professional and took the time to explain things to us clearly. We were very impressed with the quality of work as well as the customer service. In fact, when the city inspector came, he informed me that Affordable Solar is one of the best! He let me know that he rarely, if ever found any issues with their work, unlike many of the other companies in town . Our electric bills, as well as our footprint, have both decreased. We are extremely pleased with Affordable Solar and the service they have provided for us.
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