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Based in Albuquerque, NM, Solar Works Energy is committed to making the world a better place by educating the public on how to save money and doing the right thing by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Let us be your answer to rising electric rates.

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Homeowner Reviews for Solar Works Energy

11 reviews
Review by L W
December 20, 2019
We had a solar system installed in June . The process was seamless and took much less time than any other quote received (14 quotes). The whole process was done in a few weeks, the panels are not visible and now we are reaping the benefit of not having an electricity bill even during the highest use months. We highly recommend Solar Works Energy!
Review by Jennifer P
December 17, 2019
The process of getting solar was painless! Mindy was helpful in answering all my questions, and if she didn't have the answers, she was quick to check and get back to me. I'd recommend this company to anyone looking for accessible and affordable solar.
Review by Junior A
December 5, 2019
First class operation from top to bottom. The team at solar works displays Great customer service and a very professional attitude towards their clients.
Review by Eduardo A
December 5, 2019
It was easier than they said it would be, vey happy with the service.
Review by Dyno M
November 14, 2019
I'm writing this review soleley based on the terrible solicitation practices of this company.
My home security system notified me this Thursday afternoon that someone was at my door. I viewed the live feed and saw a young man ringing my doorbell. He left after nobody answered and that was that. No problem.
Two hours later the same individual is at my door again. Nobody answered and my dog was barking so he left again. I was already on my way home and close by so when I got to my street he was a few houses down and I confronted him explaining that going back to ring a doorbell a second time, especially in Albuquerque, is very suspicious looking and inquired as to what he was doing. I asked if he had a solicitor's license, which he promptly showed me and explained that that's simply what they do. They ring doorbells multiple times until they get an answer. The young man was polite and understanding of my concern and seemed to just be doing his job. He insisted the methodology was that which he is instructed by his employer, Solar Works. He claimed they sometimes try addresses 5 or 6 times in a day. He suggested I put a "no soliciting" sign on the door, which should and would be heeded by anyone with a city license such as himself. I appreciated his professionalism and will certainly take his suggestion. However, I am compelled to post my reaction here towards said practices. As far as I'm concerned, if you are selling door to door you shouldn't be ringing the same doorbell twice in a day or a week, much less in a two hour time span, much less within normal business hours. It's terribly suspicious looking. This should be common sense to anyone, especially a company hiring door to door solicitors, especially in Albuquerque. Not only is is unscrupulous to residents, but in a place like New Mexico it even puts innocent hard working young people in danger. There are plenty of trigger-happy home owners who may be quicker to judge than I am.
Sorry Solar Works Energy, I have no respect for your business and the time taken out of my day to negotiate this incident warrants this posting.
Review by Robert P
September 12, 2019
Thank you Solar Works for making solar such a smooth ride for me and my family. Mindy was friendly, professional and explained EVERYTHING I needed to know about solar, and programs I qualify for. Chris and Jeremiah easy to work with and very responsive during the entire process. Thank you for having such an awesome team and working hand in hand with my unique needs and genuinely taking great care of my solar project.
Review by A C
August 24, 2019
Was very hesitant about making the decision to go solar and had an even bigger decision to make between 3 quotes from different contractors.
As of 2 months post installation, I am 100% percent satisfied with my decision to go with Solar Works. Steven Manzer and Chris Hilkert were always able to take my phone calls, questions, and requests for project updates. They have my full recommendation.
Review by brian W
July 10, 2019
Solar Works installed our system today and did a great job. All the work was very neatly done. Highly recommend these guys for your solar project.
Review by cindy D
July 8, 2019
Steven was great to work with for our Solar install. Everything went very smoothly on install, they always showed up on time and did an excellent job. We love our Solar!
Review by Trevor K
May 1, 2019
From start to finish, Solar Works Energy was fair, reliable, and professional with my installation. The entire team did an amazing job; I am so blessed to have this amazing system providing me with 100% solar power! They even helped set me up with the best roofing company in town, A Reliable Roof, to remove my old hail-damaged roof and replace it with a new one. We had a couple hiccups along the way, but my project manager and sales consultant were always available to help see me through to the other side. This company really cares! And they are New Mexico TRUE, too! A local company, installing state-of-the-art, brand name systems. Thank you so much James, Chris, Dominic, Gunner, Jeremiah, and everyone else at Solar Works!
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