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Robcos operations in all divisions (Solar, Low Voltage, Commercial Electrical and Service Electrical) are still operating with appropriate precautions in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. We fall under construction as an essential business.

We do ask that you limit your requests to urgent items only so that our staff can respond in a timely fashion.

If you are interested in a quote, we can handle most requests remotely through a video meeting or phone call.

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Homeowner Reviews for Robco Electric

8 reviews
Review by Stevis N
June 2, 2021
I had solar panels installed late summer of 2020 and want to wait awhile so that i can write an honest review that may help others when searching for solar panel company as this is one big major investment to our own house. After carefully reviews and quotes from 4 solar companies, my brother and i both decided to go with Robco Electric and we are completely satisfied. Our sale rep was Krystal, she is an amazing, knowledge sale rep who is so quick to address any of our questions thru out the processes from 1st conversation until system is turn on and after. Cost and services are my two main concerns for a system that we depending on for the next 25 years and Robco Electric is excellent in both of prices, quality of panels, workmanship and services. The system installed in both my house and my brother's house perform better than what they have in written in our service contract each and every month since it was turn ON last year. We are completely happy and will continue supporting Robco by posting our positive result in social media networks when we can.
Review by Trevor O
May 19, 2021
I met with about a half dozen solar companies in Vegas for a roof panel install and solar system for my Vegas home, and selected Robco. Their prices were competitive, and even more impressive was their professionalism. Steven was assigned as my install contact during the entire process, and was always quick to respond, was always on time, and was clear and transparent with what to expect. The job foreman, Kekoa, was easy to communicate with, very friendly, and even went beyond to make sure I was satisfied. A seamless process, very satisfied with Robco.
Review by David W
May 7, 2021
If you are interested in home solar conversion, Robco is an excellent choice. Our salesperson, Steven Araneta, was great. He was very informative, answered all our questions, and was very responsive to emails and texts. In addition, the installation crew, led by Koa, was very efficient, friendly, and did a very clean job. Their price was also very fair. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Review by Rick R
March 26, 2021
Everything about our solar install with Robco was top notch, even down to them taking the time to educate me on some of the finer points of solar panel manufacturing. Krystal was always engaged and helpful throughout the entire process. After powering on our system at the end of January, we're on track to have our first net-export month (or were until these clouds rolled in this morning LOL).
Pay attention to the details when you evaluate solar installers. Things like pigeon-proofing (VITAL here), financing options, etc. Robco won't disappoint.
Review by Ej L
March 3, 2021
I vetted 3 companies and Robco was the most sincere and authentic. Plus the quality of the product and the aesthetic after the install is cleaner, and more professional looking than my neighbor's. They used one of the other companies I vetted. The whole experience was smooth. My rep, Krystal, prepared me for every step and everything happened as expected. I would definitely recommend avoiding the big national expensive companies and go local if you can. I highly recommend Robco Electric.
Review by Ashley S
March 2, 2021
After two years of research, we chose Robco Electric for our residential solar. During those two years, I called back some of the "big names" in solar that had strong ratings and I can't tell you how many times they had either been acquired by another big name, the sales rep I was dealing with had moved on, or they didn't have offices in Las Vegas anymore and transferred me to someone in Chicago or LA. I knew then that I wanted a company who would answer the phone five years from now and be over to fix any problems within a day. That's the local company Robco guarantee that makes me comfortable with my investment. After working with them, I can't tell you how impressed I am with their service and professionalism. When the inspector came out to approve the system, they said, "Oh, Robco. Someone did their homework. Good choice." That pretty much summed it up.
Review by ethany K
January 15, 2021
First month of solar ☀️☀️☀️

So far our 🏡home's solar power has saved 6️⃣ trees 🌴 and offset the equivalent of 5️⃣5️⃣4️⃣ pounds of carbon!

🌞 Will see more solar power as we move out of winter into Spring and Summer. Small start, but I'm doing my part. ðŸ'ðŸ¾â€â™€ï¸

🙏🏾 Thanks to the amazing Krystal for walking us through every step of the way. ðŸ'·ðŸ¾ Robco folks were professional, responsive, patient, safe (masks etc re: COVID-19), and very helpful every step of the way.

I upgraded electric box, installed more outlets, and even got a ðŸ"Œ Level 2 EV charger ðŸ"‹installed too - so now it's convenient and easy to charge my EV at home!

5/5 recommend.
Review by ooke L
December 23, 2020
Steve Carver from Robco Electric made my solar installation process a complete breeze. The installers were fantastic and completely professional and so clear in the process and what they were going to be doing. From the very beginning Steve was very responsive to any questions I had. We had a flawless install and and absolutely beautiful stucco and paint job they did. I researched and interviewed multiple companies for their plans and finance programs and Robco was BY FAR the best and most professional. I'm only 5 days into my system going live and I'm already 48% independent in my production. It's been going us every single day. Such a great company and Steve was the absolute best to deal with. He knows his business for sure.
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