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Making a big impact here in the Las Vegas area. Reducing carbon footprints one home at a time. Programs with $0 out of pocket to get started. We have cash, loan, monthly, and prepaid options. We offer complimentary evaluations for any home with no obligation.

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5 reviews
Review by Mike S
November 1, 2019
I was very happy with the install UP until I received an letter from a lien company before we even settled up business. I called the accounting department and asked why in the world they would send a letter with an intent to place lien on my property before we settled up?

If you're not doing a cash deal you may not ever experience this, but I was told by the accounting department that this is a common practice for cash deals. This is 100% automated and sent to their 3rd party "collection" agency (not sure what words to use here) and not to worry because everyone gets it.

Here's the thing. What we say verbally and what I have in black and white are two different stories. I laid into them that their automation should have a start date from when the install is officially finished and then with that date set the amount owed. When the date exceeds let's say 10 days and the amount is greater than 0; you start that 'friendly' process. If at 10 days the amount owed is $0; then the automation will exit and you're new owners won't be disappointed in the lack of transparency since this is "common practice".

Speaking of transparency, the rep said you guys don't ever hide anything. So with that said, I will attach photos of the paperwork on Yelp so that others are aware of what they will receive. Consider this my way of helping your company stay transparent.

And let me state that I get it and agree with protecting the company. I'm sure a lot of people can and have pulled a fast one, but get your automation together. If I'm paying cash; I've sent you my assets. When the job is complete I will sign a form acknowledging Titan Solar has completed work, and then expect an invoice so that I can pay you guys.

I had a 5 star experience up until you sent me a certified letter from a lien company. The rep said you guys are all like family. If you send family members liens, I can't imagine what it's like being a friend or acquaintance. Hit list perhaps?

That's all. Great work on install so far. Bad job on communicating with customer. So 5 star install / 1 star for bad comms = 3 star review
Review by Rebecca L
October 30, 2019
Very happy with Titan. From the time we had our first appointment to the time the installation was complete was very quick and very simple, no games or promises like we had dealt with earlier on with some other companies. All questions addressed and explained. Clean work, they even painted the piping to match the outside of our house. Respectful crew on our property. We were hesitant to commit to a company for a while because there are so many now and it seemed overwhelming but I’m glad we ended up going through with Titan. We did see a few negative reviews on here and I can’t speak for others but we didn’t run into any of the things that others had reported. Very respectful and straight forward. We’ve had our system up and running since early summer time and are very happy with our summer bills. With a large home in a hot climate it’s nice to be comfortable without worrying about such a high electric bill from NVE; we also found out that once having the panels on we no longer have to deal with NVE increases throughout the year which is a huge advantage in general.
Thank you for your professionalism. We definitely recommend.
Review by Daniel R
October 28, 2019
Finally went solar, and Believe it or not this has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my family. I’ve been able to save drastically in my electric bill, and the best part I pretty much get to own my power instead of renting it now. Great customer service, the representative was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable and walked me through the process smoothly without any pressure. My family and I are very happy and are grateful that this opportunity came our way because we definitely were paying too much for our electricity monthly, so thank you titan solar !
Review by Hector G
September 24, 2019
It has been a pleasure working with Samantha and Adam. They really great people. They got what I need done and in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Titan Solar Power.
Review by Kevin H
April 23, 2019
Wanted to leave an initial review for the guys at titan solar. The installation went perfect and the Vegas 6 crew was one of the most professional bunch of guys we have ever dealt with. As a contractor here in the valley it is nice to work with professional young men that really care about there work and customer service. If any of them are ever looking for work i would absolutely give them a shot with my co.. thanks for the great work guys. As far as the office goes same results there. this company is going to go far as long as they keep the same attitude
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