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About Tri-State Solar Services

Tri-State Solar Services, founded in 2015, is an LLC based in the heart of Rockland County, NY. Partners and owners Jonathan Di Dio and Matthew Sprake have a combined 12 years of knowledge in the solar industry. Our team never stops learning, both through experience and formal training, where we pursue the highest industry certifications. We aim to provide our community with extensive knowledge on solar and exceptional service.At the moment, New York is in the middle of a solar boom, with state initiatives that not only encourages people to invest in solar, but makes it attainable. Providing service in New York and New Jersey, with options coming soon to conneticut. Looking to get solar on your roof but don't want to pay up front? We offer $0 down financing! Have some unused land that you're looking to make use of? We can mount the panels on your land. If your roof needs to be re-done we will also give you a brand new roof! If you have trees creating shading issues, we can trim or eliminate them.




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6:30AM – 7:00PM
6:30AM – 7:00PM

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Homeowner Reviews for Tri-State Solar Services

5 reviews
Review by Cris_DR809
September 30, 2019
Did my research for several months before getting solar panels install on my house and was going to use Trinity Solar for my solar panels, but I ended up using Tri-State Solar that I found on HomeAdvisor which had great reviews and spoke to the company owner Matt who seen to be honest. Everything sounded good and was in writing on the contract. The customer service was great. I would call with any question and Matt would reply back as soon as possible. Tri-State Solar handle everything well with the permit and the paperwork with Orange and Rockland electrical company and the city. Tri-State Solar fallowed up with the me to make sure everything was going well. The material the company used are of great quality. Tri-State Solar also helped with the NYserda credit. Tri-State Solar also gives you a credit if you recommend a friend or anyone for installation. So far the company had been great and the customer service is good. Would recommend this company.
Review by John C
July 3, 2019
In addition to doing excellent work on our roof replacement and roof-top solar installation, everyone from Tri-state Solar was 100% professional and trustworthy, thoroughly reliable, personable and respectful -- starting with the company owners, who stayed in close touch with me throughout the entire process, right down to every one of their expert workers. I give them an A+ rating.
Review by Paul
June 25, 2019
Interviewed 6 companies felt most comfortable with tri state. They were the only company to come up with Sonnen Battery system. We have done tests for O&R power outage. I’m very pleased to say I can operate my home during power outage. Price was
Review by Meaghan T
May 23, 2019
I decided to go Solar with Tri-State and I’m extremely happy with my decision. They were consistent throughout the whole project and did everything I asked of them. My building department was tougher to deal with than the company themselves. They always answer the phone and keep in contact with me and my husband. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting to go solar.
Review by Kevin W
October 20, 2018
They were subtracted to install my solar system. Great team and very professional. Communication is excellent and very happy with their service.
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