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Our Services Will Make Your Home Beautiful and Functional We specialize in a wide range of home remodeling services. Kitchen remodeling and renovations include installation of new countertops and cabinetry, and our team will help you choose the best materials. Our bathroom re-design services include installing new fixtures, faucets, bathtubs, and showers. Our team can help you create a finished basement, with heating, ventilation, and moisture control. We will construct a composite or wood deck, patio, or extended front porch to improve functionality and increase the value of your home. Window and door installation is also available.

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8:00AM – 4:30PM

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Homeowner Reviews for Crown Construction

5 reviews
Review by Judy C
October 28, 2019
Renovated our master bath, replaced floor in another bathroom, replaced front storm door and new front porch and steps. Very professional, quality work. Work completed on time and within budget. I was skeptical but they did “knock our socks off.”
Review by Mike M
August 13, 2019
Over priced and incompetent. I made the mistake of thinking that because they cost more they did a better job. On several occasions I have used Crown construction for different repairs, roofing, repointing a chimney, and installation of new windows, installation of siding. I had to have my entire roof redone. The ridge vents they put in where wrong and created water leaking into the house. I had to repoint the chimney myself and properly seal the flashing to stop a leak I paid them to fix. They send out a salesman who made a costly mistake when checking the windows to be replaced. When the actual installer showed up he told me it would cost about 600 dollars more to install the windows. They put siding on part of the house but had a problem with the new windows. I had pipes freezing and they told me it was because of an exhaust fan vent. They replaced and ( fixed) it until the next winter when my pipes froze again. A friend and I opened the wall and wrapped the pipes and found the real problem which we fixed. It’s been seven years and no more freezing pipes. I called them in the fall about the roof leaks, they sent out another salesman who was not happy when I told him I had already paid them once to fix it and I expected them to factor that in when coming up with a price. He said he would send out an inspector to have a look. Two weeks passed and no inspection. I called him and asked when I could expect someone to take a look. He said he would get someone out to the house. That never happened and he never sent an estimate, not that I would ever use them again. My new roofer told me who ever installed the ridge vents installed the wrong ones for that part of the roof. I never told him who it was but he said whoever it was did no know what they were doing. Stay away from Crown Construction. I paid them around 20 thousand dollars for various repairs most of which I had to have it redone Crown did substandard work and in the case of the ridge vents they actually made the problem worse. My roofer informed me that half of the ridge vents Crown installed were fake, they never cut into the roof to allow the hot air inside to escape and cool air to enter. They in fact committed fraud. However I am happy that they did otherwise my leaking roof would have been worse. Keep away for your own good. They knocked my socks off.
Review by Dan T
October 24, 2017
Their siding crew is top-notch! Best in the business.
Review by Jeff W
August 12, 2015
Crown Construction just finished doing our roof, with a full tear-off of the two layers of old shingles. They did a top-notch job with the flashing, underlayment, everything. We found some rotted wood underneath, and they fixed it up for a very small addition to the original price quote. They were professional, honest, quick, communicative, and responsible. The price was totally reasonable. Overall, a great experience. In the Ithaca area, you have to be really careful about choosing a construction contractor. This area is full of crooks and bozos, which we can attest to from past experience with other companies. I'm so glad we went with Crown this time, after a word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend, and we'll definitely go back to them again.
Review by Helena W
February 28, 2014
We've had Crown do over our kitchen and now back to redo the laundry room. They are miracle workers! We even gave them a key to our home when they were working. We don't trust anyone else like that! Love you all @ Crown. You took my dreams & made them a reality while also staying in the budget. ;-)
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