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HVAC , air conditioning & Heating
Service , repair and new installation
Central , wall units , window , and ductless system

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  • Accepts Emergency Requests
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Homeowner Reviews for 247 All Air Conditioning & Heating

7 reviews
Review by Tehreem T
August 6, 2019
I needed my air conditioning to be fixed right away and no one was ready to accommodate the same day because it was about 90 degrees outside. Hence I came across this company. At first I was a little hesitant with the reviews but then I called the guy. Mustafa seemed a sincere and nice man so I gave him the job. Not only that he finished the same day, he also did an EXCELLENT work and offered a great price. I don’t understand people talking about money and complaining but in reality, Mustafa didn’t rush into taking the money or left anything in between. He finished his work way ahead of the time that we decided regardless of the bad weather.
Excellent service and a great man!
Review by Hafiz K
July 9, 2019
(Mustafa) First, when he came over he started asking for money without checking or doing anything. I asked for receipt to pay the deposited, he denied and started to open up the Air condition fan outside, then he asked to go down to the basement, he opened the electric bracket upon doing that and leaving all the electric wire open, then he stated the problem is in the attic. Said ok, he left the house and said "I wont put anything back together unless you pay me the deposit and I will not provide recipt". Basically he had left everything opened and went to his minivan and said " Dont waste my time, I'm busy". Plus, he brings religion into his business to help prove "hes religious and will not rip anyone off".
Next review will be pictures of the stuff he left opened.
Review by Hafiz K
July 4, 2019
Make you sign a contract with him. He brings religion into his business. Curses a lot, very unprofessional, does not know how to fix a problem. I have picture proof and videos..cant wait.
Review by hafizullah K
July 4, 2019
The worst, he is such a rip off. He left the job in half and did not finish it after. He takes a deposit and never picks up a call or answers any questions. Hes very disrespectful can not be trust.
Review by Mary Z
May 27, 2019
Finally, I found some one , I can trust for
my central air conditioning , its memorial day
I thought no one will come over to see my ac
But in no time they came and worked very good
Thanks Moustafa
Review by Emily M.
October 2, 2019
Review by Diane K.
May 30, 2019
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