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Nelson Comfort is a family-owned and operated company that has proudly served the Greater Cincinnati area since 1925! We pride ourselves on our reputation for being honest and professional while providing superb heating and air conditioning customer service.

  • Accepts Emergency Requests




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Homeowner Reviews for Nelson Comfort

5 reviews
Review by Allison H
October 2, 2019
After reading the reviews I was inspired to share our waste of time and money on an over priced inefficient service call with a bonus service call & fee to be told we would have to empty our pockets even more to get results.

Our Ac went out over the weekend and we called Sunday night and left a message for an appointment. The next morning we promptly received a call back our appointment window was scheduled for 12:30 to 4pm that day. I took time to rearrange my day to be home and at 4:45 the tech hadn't shown or called to say they'd be late, we called and the scheduler said his previous appointment ran over. At 5:45 he showed up, checked our unit and said we needed 5Ilbs of R-22. 30 min and $700 later he filed the unit and left. The air never cooled down and the next morning we called for follow up. They sent another tech later who confirmed we it was now low 7Ilbs and he could charge us 2k to find the problem and fix it or 8k to replace the whole unit. We opted to get a 2nd option and he charged the $130 service call charge for coming back out. We called Wed to file a complaint for the poor service calls and dispute the charges, only to be told there was a box checked on the service call that we declined a line test (that was not explained to us) and it was the best they could do.

I chose to go with a smaller HVAC company and replaced everything for fraction of what they quoted.
Review by H
August 22, 2019
They respond fairly quickly HOWEVER we purchased a Daikon system (costing over $18k) and have had several problems including improper wiring of the system at installation! They keep telling me, at each service call (6 calls in less than 3 months) that all is well! Yesterday the electricity went out in the storm and now there is another unit that is NOT working even after two attempts to “reset” the system. We have had one pump replaced and now we need another one! We also had to have a new motherboard in a brand new system!!! Why did this unit cost so much? I am beyond angry and feel like I have been taken advantage of. Is there a lemon law in AC units? So far six calls and it keeps breaking down. Sounds like the lemon law on cars. I think I got a lemon!
Review by frank H
August 19, 2019
Top notch service, diagnostics, repair and very customer friendly attitude. Ryan was our service person who exemplifies what a great person can do for his customer and be an invaluable asset to his company. We could not recommend Ryan any more highly and would give him 10 stars if we could.

(8/19/19) Update, I did not know this when I wrote my original review however I came to find out we needed a new thermostat and Nelson had one on hand during a service call, cost of thermostat - $275.00 I found the exact make and model on Home Depot for $53.10, so roughly a mark up of 220.00 about 4x (418.9%) the retail cost not wholesale cost, retail so I called management to see if this was a mistake and I did not get a call back so I am not going to hound them for a reply I decided just to let you be the judge but beware of some outrageous markup on items installed on your behalf. Lowered my rating from 5 stars to 3 stars. Got us out of a jam but gouged us in the process.
Review by Jackie D
July 23, 2019
Awesome experience. At our house within 2 hours of a call. Experienced tech who fixed our issue quickly, and he was super friendly and knowledgeable.
Review by Nicole D
May 8, 2019
My wife and I had noticed last week that the pull-out handle on the disconnect for our central air was completely missing. Since you can't buy just a new pull-out handle, we knew we'd have to replace the whole disconnect. We were going to replace the disconnect ourselves, but a substantial amount of rust and odd wiring convinced us to just bite the bullet and hire a professional.

After seeing all of the great reviews for Nelson Comfort, we decided to have them come out to do this work. I called and told them that we needed a new 30 amp disconnect for our central air. I was pleased when they got us scheduled for only 2 days later -- much sooner than I thought -- and we were told the technician would be here between 3pm-5pm

I left work early to be home by 3, and was a bit annoyed when I didn't receive a call from the tech until close to 6pm. Not really a huge deal, to be honest -- I understand the technicians have long days, but better communication would've saved me some PTO.

Anyway, the technician arrives and I show him the old disconnect. He takes a look at our central air unit, checks the coolant, and then, after looking in his van, lets us know he's only got a 60 amp disconnect with him so he can't perform the work.

At this point, I was pretty annoyed that I'd taken time off work to have a technician show up late without the part I TOLD them I needed -- he then advised that he'd get me a quote to come back to do the disconnect, but that I still owed the $79 service call fee.

Now I was extremely annoyed, and I told the technician as much. He said he didn't know who I talked to when I made my appointment, but that he can't carry every part, which sounded simply like poor communication between the office staff and the techs.

In the end, I begrudgingly paid the damn fee, which is the last money we'll give to Nelson. They wanted $350 (plus another $79 service fee? I'm not exactly sure) to come back to do the disconnect, but we'll find someone else. Given all the great reviews, I'm sure they're a wonderful company; unfortunately, they really blew it with us.
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