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About YellowLite Inc.

We design and install solar energy systems for residential and commercial clients. We are committed to solar energy as a solution to reducing environmental impact. We know that solar can provide energy independence as well as solid financial returns.

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Homeowner Reviews for YellowLite Inc.

5 reviews
Review by Zachary S
June 13, 2019
I worked at YellowLite for a year, ending in April 2019. This company is an excellent employer - beyond that, they are an ethical, honest, and successful company. I have seen firsthand how they consistently did the right thing in taking care of customers even when they didn't have to. If I was buying solar, I would go with this company in a second. Good people, good ownership, good purpose.
Review by Marge M
May 22, 2019
YellowLite installed our solar system on our building in 2018. We had our roof replaced just before the solar installation, and they coordinated seamlessly with the roofing company. Everyone on the YellowLite team is responsive and professional. They followed through with the power company to assure the final connection of the net meter. Several months later, they have been responsive as an intermediary with the power company when we had issues with too much voltage into the building causing a shut-down of our system (the power company's fault, not YellowLite's, but they made sure it was resolved). All in all, we've been very satisfied!
Review by Grant W
May 19, 2019
Very professional and easy to work with. The team was very responsive and has produced a great project for us. They took care to install our solar panels on the roof nice and square and they visually look great. So far my $5 a month electric bill makes me a very happy customer.
Review by JASNA O
May 17, 2019
We had great experiences with YellowLite. We reviewed 3 companies and chose them for their professionalism and - they listened to what we wanted! The installation crew, electrician, engineer, everyone was great. We had a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery installed and we love the app where we can check on our phone and see how much energy we are using at any time. If our power goes out, the battery takes over like nothing happened. It's great. Everything the YellowLite crew told us came true.
Review by Yves S
May 8, 2019
We installed a 15KW+ system including LG batteries in our new home and the system is working perfectly and we are sending power back to the grid on sunny days, YellowLite experience was great from start to finish, Cody the sales person was always available thru out the entire process and we never had to inquire about scheduling or anything else. a couple of error message came up early on but were fixed immediately and again without fuss. overall we would recommend YellowLite without a doubt.
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