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Here at SoleilEnergy Inc. our mission is to overturn the public utility monopoly through solar power to give control back to the public. We are here to guide families through the entire solar process from beginning to end. We are committed to become the best version of ourselves to ensure that you always have the perfect experience.

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Homeowner Reviews for Soleil energy

5 reviews
Review by John R
August 28, 2019
Jennifer and Abas have been amazing to work with. I wanted to wait a full year to provide a review (8/2018 was the install of 27 panel system). Overall the install has been a great success. Jennifer worked with me while I finished grad school and helped me come up with a plan to execute once I was ready. Soleil was never pushy and waited until I was ready to move. They always answered all my questions and addressed any concerns. They also went above and beyond in installing a covered patio that also served as a partial base for my solar panels. I would highly recommend them if you have custom needs and want a great product and service. At any since the install, they have continued to provide support as needed. They have never turned back on their promise to ensure I was satisfied. I look forward to continue working with them as my needs change and hope to become an advocate for their quality work and design.
Review by J. T
July 11, 2019
Professional, honest, and personable. Family team. Minority owned here in San Antonio. Wonderful experience from start to finish on our project! They didn't nickel-and-dime us as other companies tried to. Not only were they knowledgeable about residential solar and various solar products, they repaired and fixed the many errors of the company that initially installed our system. In a world of dying customer service, I can guarantee you excellent customer service with this team!
Review by Erik W
December 31, 2018
Unbelievable Service and Expertise. Soleil is the perfect solution for your home solar array.

It is difficult as a consumer of solar services to recognize which company has the capability and determination to expertly complete projects. I have worked with numerous companies by this point with a 12kW array installed almost a decade ago. I have seen companies go bankrupt, refuse to help with simple issues, and all sorts of other problems. After ten years with my array, I have now found the absolute best in customer service, expertise, and pure determination to keep my array functional. Fellow consumers, please don't bother trying out other options - take my advice and just deal with Abbas from Soleil. He is literally a solar system hero. Whatever it costs - it is totally worth the money.

A little background here is essential for the home solar customer. I was trained as a biomedical/electrical engineer, but when confronted with a solar system I was absolutely confused. It turns out these things can be configured in endless ways. They can be strung together in series, or if utilizing optimizers, they can be somewhat configured in parallel. Also, you may are may not have the tools to look at each panel's production and then the inverter's output may also be different than the array's output. CPS will not provide you this detail and it really makes the home solar producer struggle to understand what the panels on your roof are doing. If you happen to be so unlucky that your original installer is no longer available to service your system, you essentially have to find a team that is technically savvy enough to solve a literal electrical puzzle. This takes a lot of work/capability, and from what I can infer, most solar companies do not want to invest this sort of energy or lack the capability to accomplish this task.

This is where Soleil really shines. Customer service is 11/10. Abbas is an electrical engineer and actually enjoys the detective work of figuring out antiquated systems and getting them working again. Finally, follow through is absolutely outstanding. It would have been so easy to give up on my system at multiple points along the way. Multiple panels had been broken from a hail storm, the wiring was shorted in multiple places, the breakers were rusting, and the inverters kept blowing fuses... Abbas stuck with me and got the whole thing working again. It took him about 3 months of serial detective work, but he never let me worry - was constantly in touch letting me know about delays and issues. I seriously can't thank him enough for his professionalism and capability.

Bottom line - installing home solar is not one of those things where you can cut corners. Make sure your installation team is going to be around for the long haul and has the expertise to manage all of your issues. I would rate Soleil 6 stars if I had the ability. If you have the ability, get this company to manage your project. Hands down, the best!
Review by Derek C
May 25, 2018
I contacted many different solar installation companies looking for someone who operates in my area (150 miles west of San Antonio) and Soleil Energy Solutions was the only one willing to make the trip out here. Fortunately for me, they’re also a great company to work with.

I was able to deal directly with the owners of the company, Abbas and Jennifer, and their customer service is top notch. They had a customized assessment the day after I contacted them which included the size of system best suited for my home and energy consumption, the cost of the system with all the rebates and tax rebates I qualified for, and the amount of money I’d save on my light bill. They also offered me multiple financing options and guided me through that whole process. I had a ton of questions throughout the entire process and whether I emailed them or texted them after business hours, I got a response right away.

They took care of everything for me including securing the rebates and city permits so I didn’t really have to do anything. The crew they had doing the actual solar panel and backup battery installation are all veterans, which I really appreciated because of their attention to detail. They were very courteous and they made sure the panels added to the curb appeal of my house as far as their placement.

I’m really excited to finally have a solar panel system for my home and I’d definitely recommend Soleil to anyone who’s interested in switching to solar too.
Review by Thebaseball C
October 19, 2017
My husband and I had been considering solar panels for our home for awhile but had not taken the time to research it much. I was familiar with it due to the rebate programs available through CPS but that was the extent of our education. Then we met Josh Buenrostro. He was very knowledgeable and honest about how solar panels worked and the benefits for our home. We appreciated his openness to educate yes and his honesty. If you are thinking about going solar I recommend speaking with Josh.
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