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Haller Enterprises has been prestigiously recognized and voted # 1 in the Lancaster area for having exemplary service in the Plumber, Heating/Air Conditioning, Electrician, Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling and Duct Cleaning categories by Lancaster Newspapers' readers.




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Homeowner Reviews for Haller Enterprises

5 reviews
Review by Stephen S
October 29, 2019
Haller is the best. Their servicemen are professional, punctual, and polite. We have a service plan with Haller and we have not had a single problem with their heat and AC system since it was installed several years ago.
Review by Stacey H
October 17, 2019
We thought we were going to need a new furnace and Adam came out and was able to repair our currently furnace and saved us Thousands of dollars.
He was professional, knowledgeable and the repairs were done in a timely matter and we feel confident that when he left we had a good service call.
Review by Tom Z
September 18, 2019
I called today to have a valve put on under our sink in the bathroom. I first cut the old valve off and couldn't find any replacement. Hence me calling Haller. I was told that it would cost $200.00 plus dollars. Then I was called back to let me know it would be $449.00. I was told that since i cut of the valve the rest of the pipe was chrome. So they had to cut a hole in the wall to get to the copper piece? By the way they put a plastic pipe in anyway. They showed me a chrome pipe with a valve all ready installed. I saw on Youtube the same thing and a plumber heated the pipe and the chrome was just a sleeve and there was a copper pipe under it. So I just want to clear this up was there a copper pipe under the chrome. If it was you wouldn't have had to cut a hole you could have heated the chrome pipe and slipped it off the copper pipe and put a new chrome pipe with a new valve and it would only take half of the time spent. I feel it should be the original price and not $449.00. It wasn't a weekend or holiday. God they would charged us over a $1000.00. Plus they had two guys. I feel they only needed one.
Review by ad L
September 16, 2019
Always do a professional job servicing our heat pump. Only once in over 30 years did we ever have an issue, so that's a great batting average.
Review by Michael W
August 13, 2019
Excellent work by the tech who upon entering our house for plumbing work noticed a gas odor. The odor was confirmed to be a small leak in a gas line that he was able to repair same day.
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