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I have been with my company for over 4 years now covering and overseeing several states. We are a large publicly traded company, you may have seen our name on 3 episodes of undercover boss or our name on the Utah Jazz stadium. We offer a no cost solar solution where customers can enjoy the solar experience and save money while NEVER putting a penny out of pocket! We take care of all applications and Permits while you sit back and relax and get ready to enjoy those savings

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Homeowner Reviews for Vivint Solar-Kyle W.

5 reviews
Review by Diggy 5
January 28, 2020
I ordered and paid for animal guards back in July. In September they came to install but had the wrong ones. They checked the solar panels and the wires were chewed by the squirrel that had a nest on the roof. We cleaned out the nest each time they were suppose to come. They removed all solar panels to be rewired. Here it is the end of January and I have no animal guards and no solar panels. Unbelievable! What type of company is this? Over 6 months for animal guards! They don’t have a clue about what is going on.
Review by Mike F
November 27, 2019
The crew arrived on time and finished in less than a day. Very impressive and they worked well together. I appreciate the fact they were from out of the area and leaving their families to work and get the job done.
Review by Myles M
November 26, 2019
Working with Vivint so far has been very easy. Mind you, I'm only past the construction phase so inspections from Vivint, the city, and the electric company are still pending.

My experiences with the representatives have been good from my account rep, Eric, to the install crew lead by Eduardo. They've been attentive and mindful and kept things on track. So far, based on their customer service, I would recommend Vivint.
Review by Arnold L
October 21, 2019
The solar installation was a breeze. The team was very professional and the lead electrician was very informative of the process along the way. Just another reason why the Vivint family of products and services are the best in their respective businesses.
Review by Ryan W
October 18, 2019
They called me literally seconds after I submitted the online form which was impressive, and their products are well designed from the looks of it.

The "solar expert" I talked to was just another salesman. I've been price shopping and wanted to know if they price match other companies, but I was told to look elsewhere if I wanted affordable solar panels since Vivint solar panels are "high quality". I asked for a quote anyways but never got it.

Glad I learned firsthand what a chump company Vivint is before I actually got sucked into one of their products.
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