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HomeStar Solar Solutions is a leading solar panels provider in South Carolina (SC). We offer direct solar panel installation and solar panels for your home, as well as for commercial buildings, schools, and more. We also offer energy efficiency programs and packages to ensure YOU save thousands by going solar.We offer no cost or obligation FREE ENERGY AUDITS. Our energy professionals can customize a program to reduce your electricity bill as much as 100% without costing you a dime Act now! Tax Rebates are ending soon.




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Homeowner Reviews for Homestar Solar Solutions

12 reviews
Review by Rita
January 25, 2020
I would not recommend this business to anyone. They have a loan out in my name of almost $15,000 and will not reimburse the bank. I canceled the installation of solar panels 2 days after their presentation in which they had already gotten the money from the bank. It’s been months and they will not answer my calls nor will they return emails. Jesse at the main office refuses to take any responsibility and is now avoiding my calls. They are a scam. I hope no one uses this company and gets ripped off like I did.
Review by John W
January 9, 2020
It has been noted that the company has a new owner. So with this said I would like the owner to contact me. Everytime I call get Jessy on the line. No results from him other than one visit from a technician.
Review by Clayton G
January 6, 2020
I purchased a solar system, new roof and vinyl replacement windows from Homestar over the summer. The initial process was very slow as I was told they were awaiting permits from the city. I can understand that. Our windows were ordered in the wrong color, they offered to re order the windows or if we accepted the wrong color ones they would refund us $1000.00. I have noticed absolutely no change in my power bill, in fact it seems higher. I have not received my refund, it’s been several months. Every time i call I get the same speech. “Let me check with our accounts payable department and call you back”. I never receive a call back. Now when I call, no one even answers the phone, my emails go unanswered. I am highly disappointed in Homestar’s customer service. I regret ever making this purchase!
I will gladly edit this review if they make things right and uphold their end of the deal.
Review by Carrie J
January 1, 2020
We are approaching a year since contract signed. We still don’t have the correct power box on the outside of our home. We can’t get a call back from sales representative that were great.
Without that outside box we can’t monitor our power usage. I’m ready for Better Business Bureau. However that doesn’t solve our problems.
Will someone please call me. You have our information.
Review by S. R
December 30, 2019
I have had some really great service from this company, but I have had equally bad service, too. Yes,I am saving money on my electric bill,but paying the equivalent of a high power bill on the solar panels they installed. I would not do it again at the price that I paid. Now, one of my panels is not producing adequately and it has been 6 months since I have had this problem and no one will come out and check it out for me. If I get someone else to check it out besides their company then I have voided my warranty, so I am a bit stuck. I suppose the next thing is to inform the Better Business Bureau. I have spoken practically every week with the company the last few months and still no help.
Review by Tina Y
September 30, 2019
This company is very unprofessional. They sent a sales rep out and everything sounded good, so we decided to do it. After a decent waiting period they put the panels up but nothing else that was promised to make my home more energy efficient. They still have not completed the job.
Review by Emileigh T
September 25, 2019
This is in response to the company's response to our review. You did NOT refund us over a thousand dollars. You were charging us for a water heater that we did not have to get so that money was given back to us..... And rightfully so. All these "free panels" that you added are doing nothing to lower our bill. Our bills are just about the same as before you stepped foot on our property to install anything. All we wanted was our bill to be what was agreed upon when the contract was signed or for our money's to be refunded (over 22,000 dollars!!!!!!!). Neither one has been done. Due to the financial difficulties that we have having to pay for a system that is not working along with a high electric bill it is taking us a bit more time to get an attorney, but you will be hearing from one soon
Review by Marcia O
September 19, 2019
I am glad I went with HomeStar for my solar panels. I am extremely pleased with the efficiency of their product. I definitely recommend this company to anyone thinking about installing solar panels
Review by MJ L
August 31, 2019
Do not waste your money. This is the worst company we have ever dealt with. They take forever to respond to issues. And when they do it's worthless. We are not getting the results promised but have they ever sent anyone out to see if there is an issue? NO. We were also promised an attic fan that was never installed. This system will NEVER pay for itself as promised. This is a huge investment for virtually nothing. Again, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.
Review by Trae H
August 26, 2019
I have to give one star to write the review. They don't even deserve that! I have been calling for over a month just to simply schedule an appointment to check for possible roof damage. I've spoke to the same representative multiple times and although he's quite pleasant, he tells me the exact same thing. "Oh, the must be backlogged. I'll get in touch with someone to give you a call." That call never comes... Can't speak to any other representative! Can't schedule an appointment! Definitely can’t get them to send someone to repair it!
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