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As an industry leader in affordable and customized solar solutions, RSRV Power believes that clean, green energy is the future, which is why we are committed to sustainability, efficiency, and world-class customer service. We design solutions for each respective family and their home's needs. Our approach saves customers money and energy on their current utility bills - not only today, but also for many years to come.

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Homeowner Reviews for RSRV Power LLC

6 reviews
Review by Sheila E
December 10, 2019
I liked RSRV on time performance. The workers including the sale representatives were very knowledgeable on the system.
Review by Dan K
October 29, 2019
Though they did not do the install on my equipment, they were one of the only companies willing to help me get the info I needed for the system. Quick response time and friendly service.
Review by Jennifer A
October 24, 2019
We learned a lot from a massive, well designed, solar panel system we had installed in NY by top engineers but still met with a few challenges... For example, you have to compensate for resistance in lines if you split your system between two buildings. This forced an upgrade in our inverter. Solar panels do not work in the shade- I know this should seem obvious but companies are installing them that way if the buyers aren't aware. The company in NY demonstrated the difference in efficiency of a demo panel in the shade and in the sun. With this background experience, and our combined educations in electrical work and physics, we had a list of job-interview style questions for Justin and a pretty high bar set for any company that would install our next system. Justin not only knows his engineering and solar physics, and he passed with an A+, but he and his staff have been courteous and patient as our move and construction has dragged out and complicated our plan. They have worked with us on a project for our farm/barn and now we are very excited to be drawing up plans for the house. Justin knows his science and has ethics and professionalism in how he runs the business. It's so nice to watch your meter box run backwards-- but even better when you know you can trust the company that you contracted with! Once you go solar you will never rent power again! If I could give one more bit of advice, for property value and more reasons-- buy a system do not lease! Our solar system sold our house for us!
Review by Drew S
September 25, 2019
These guys are the best! The cleanest install, the best products, great prices, best warranty and best after install customer support. I have the largest residential system in the area and I picked the best company to install and service it. I would recommend these guys over anyone.
Review by Charles C
September 5, 2019
An amazing experience from start to finish. A more complicated process than I originally anticipated but RSRV Power handles everything, going above and beyond assuring that everything is moving along and keeping us informed of the process. The install team was a joy to watch, they all love what they do and love working together as a well-oiled machine and the results shine brightly. Looking forward to solar energy!
Review by Aaron C
April 2, 2019
I could not be happier to work with the people at this company! As my first job out of college, i was pleasantly surprised to find a cool company that has there interest of their customer at the core of their business. The people I work with are always helpful and friendly.
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