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Our vision is to have our name, United Solar, be synonymous with workmanship of the highest caliber, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. By providing customized solutions to each individual home or commercial property's needs, rather than adopting a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach, we are able to maximize the return on your investment, making solar among the best investments one can make in today's market place. Using only the finest quality, all-American-made equipment at an affordable price, we enable home and business owners to save tens of thousands of dollars on their utility bills.




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Homeowner Reviews for United Solar

7 reviews
Review by Tyrone W
December 10, 2019
This is the worst company I have ever done business with . They are very dishonest and promised that my engery bill would have beeb off set by 100 percent production. My solor panels were installed a year ago and they have been producing less than one dollar per month. No one ever came out to check to see why and they have me in $45,000.00 loan. Please be aware of this company . They are very dishonest people.
Review by Jennifer U
November 28, 2019
This is the worst company to deal with. A sales person sold us the panels in Feb of this year. That person now don't work there. In April they show up on my property and put in the panels. I didn't give them permission too.I didn't even know they were doing it. Now it is dec I can't even use the panels just sitting in my yard haven't passed an inspection one has expired. I feel this one thas too. Tim Rankin was helping me with sending me a check to pay the bill because I told I am not paying 2 bills on power. I heard he was fired . So here I am again I am going to my bank to stop the payment from coming out on the first. This comes never calls you back.or picks up the phone. So I contacted a lawyer today to help me.i won't them to get there solar panels out of yard now. I am done !!!!
Review by Stephen M
October 5, 2019
I had panels installed in July of 2018, I had nothing but bad luck with them. Numerous calls to United Solar to deaf ears. The last week of December of that year, a crew came out to get the system up and running. It lasted 2 weeks!!! I called again and "Tim" the boss said he wasn't coming back out because it was to far for him. He then said to call someone else. I called again to tell him that no other company would honor the guarantee. I was stuck with his system. Since then, the wiring burnt out in the control box and fused together. I called again and was hung up upon several times. The system was not put up to code and I experienced headache after headache until this week October 3 2019 when the wiring was all changed at my expense. I would not recommend United Solar to anyone who wants a system. He is not recognized by "NABCEP"as a reliable dealer. Check it out first before you buy.
Review by ando
July 17, 2019
I’m very satisfied with my decision to go solar. And enrolling with United Solar was easy. They made it easy. Hollie and Keefe did everything for us. Keefe answered all my questions throughout the installation process. I wish I could have done the whole roof, but the HOA won’t let me. I got to do the back part that’s not facing the street. I’ve only gotten one utility bill since then, but it was low. All in all, my experience with United was good. They made it easier to pay for and made it easy to install. And hopefully, it will help me lower my utility bill in the future.
Review by Kriste F
July 17, 2019
United Solar is a great company!! We had a great experience from beginning to end!! Staff and install crew are very professional and Keefe was great!! He helped us through the whole process and answered all our questions about the installation!! My husband and I totally recommend United Solar to anyone considering solar!!
Review by Todd P
June 27, 2019
If you are thinking about going solar these are the guys that use. Keefe Calaway and his team do high quality work and respond in a timely manner with any questions or concerns. Product knowledge and features were well explained and detailed.
Review by Milton A
May 16, 2019
Worse company ever, I got solar from them 42 panels to be exact and they were nice professional and ready to do anything, until they got paid from my lender . After that my phone calls don’t make it through they don’t want to help on anything my lender stop making business with them now I’m getting help from my lender sending a solar expert to help with my problems I pay United solar for the panels and I still paying same power bill or more, than when I did not have solar. Anyone see a problem here?
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