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C&C Myers Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Drains was founded in the year 1978. Through the years we have maintained our central belief to provide overwhelming quality with outstanding customer service. Through our commitment we have been awarded by our customers;




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Homeowner Reviews for C & C Myers Heating and AC

9 reviews
Review by Kay C
January 15, 2020
We changed from another company and just had our first inspection. Kim Chavez, our maintenance technician was at our house right at the beginning of the time frame we selected. She was incredibly thorough and for the first time we had someone actually show us photos of our system and verify her concerns with us. It was clear she was not trying to sell us something we didn't need and we felt very comfortable with her work. In fact, we have asked that she be our technician each time which the company has noted. This has been a great experience and we know we made the right decision to switch. AND, we are thrilled to see a talented woman working in this field!
Review by Ed M
December 18, 2019
Great service at a reasonable price. Everyone we have dealt with at C&C Myers, be it on the phone or in person, could not have been friendlier or more attentive to our needs. The installers of our new HVAC and water heater were prompt, courteous, and, most importantly, extremely competent in their work and thorough in explaining what was needed, what they did and how to operate the controls. We highly recommend C&C Meyers.
Review by Maurizio F
December 10, 2019
Just had John G. inspect and clean what needed to be cleaned on my system. HE DID A FANTASTIC JOB!! NICE GUY TOO! Guys like that keep companies in business. He offered me the services you recommend as a company, I personally declined them at the moment considering my system is still relatively new, but your prices are very fair for what you offer. This is definitely the month to get some of those services if anyone needs them.Thanks again!!
Review by David S
December 3, 2019
Started great. My salesman was friendly and polite the entire time. Liked the data driven approach although the solution was only correct for the HVAC unit and ignored the rest of the existing installation issues (which 4 other companies all noted).
Could not get my quote by email. Could not get an indication of the price or suggested solution over the phone.
To see the results I had to agreed to another 1.5 hour meeting.
Could not get the meeting in the time frame I stayed was needed to support making a decision on my project.
Meeting results: took 10 second to understand the quote. Completely offended by the self-serving forced sales tactics.
Took even less time to see the quote was close enough to double the cost of 4 competitors. Even more offended when in place of a fair price I was offered Black Friday discounts and $1000 coupons - clearly hoping to pressure for a quick decision.
I have shared my very negative results with my neighbors. It would be horrible to find a C&C Myers truck in front of their house if a system had failed and they had to make a quick decision.
Review by Anne P
October 24, 2019
John Moon was the technician sent to replace to bathroom faucets. He was on time, courteous, competent and did an outstanding job. I would definitely use C&C Myers again for my plumbing needs and I would also request John. This is a reliable company with an excellent reputation. I highly recommend that you contact this company for service. You will not be disappointed.
Review by bernie
October 21, 2019
John made a service call today. He was polite, extremely helpful and in the end saved me money. The repair wasn't as extensive as originally thought. THANK YOU John for your excellent customer care and over the top service.
Review by C S
October 10, 2019
I will never call them again. My hot water heater needed to be replaced. I told them on the phone that I wanted it replaced with the same type of water heater that we were taking out. The technician came out quickly (hence one star). The guy was super nice but quoted $2,000 for a simple 50 gallon gas hot water heater. He went out to the truck to “verify” his quote and when he came back it was $2,500! I asked for an itemized quote and he said he could not do that... I was in shock. I feel like they were trying to take advantage of me to see if I would fall for the higher price. My husband called and said no thank you we are going with your competition. C C Myers offered a lower price. No thank you. Give me a good, fair price the first time and you have a customer for life.
Review by Debra H
October 8, 2019
We had our 6 month check-up today. Kim was very professional and courteous. Did a great job informing us of what he did. He even took pictures to show us the inside of the a/c and heating unit. Two thumbs up for this technician.
Review by Pamela L
September 23, 2019
I have been extremely happy with my new A/C Unit and with the plumber who came to my home, both from C&C Meyers. I like that they take photos of the upstairs to show me what's happening up there and that there is no mold. I still cant figure out my new thermostat but I'm sure its user error. So far, I'm very pleased with everyone I've dealt with from the office to the installers, the plumber....just everyone
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