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Air Clinic is one of the premier HVAC contractors in the Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio metroplexes. As a leading Arlington and San Antonio Air Conditioning Company, we strive to offer the best customer service in the DFW metroplex and within the industry. From the first conversation to the completed service of your home's HVAC system, we are there every step of the way to ensure that you get the best quality equipment at the best possible price.

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Homeowner Reviews for Air Clinic Air Conditioning & Heating

6 reviews
Review by Sherry P
September 9, 2019
They are the only A/c people l use. They have been great every time. They are honest and on time.
Review by George F
July 13, 2019
Whenever I need something repaired, especially a vehicle or the air conditioner in the heat of summer, I look for four things: prompt scheduling, accurate estimates, quality work, and a company that does what is says it will do. Air Clinic provides all of these whether they are performing routine maintenance (which I would recommend twice a year) or unexpected repair work.
I recently had an unexpected failure of my heat pump late in the afternoon on the hottest "feels like" day of the year in Canyon Lake, Texas...117 degrees! I called Air Clinic the next day, and was greeted with professional courtesy by the lady who promptly scheduled the first available appointment, early the next day. She promised the service technician would call 30 minutes before he arrived, and he certainly did!
Justin showed up on time, troubleshot the most inexpensive option first, but with further testing and analysis, determined the problem was the fan motor, and also the capacitor. I am naturally curious, so I watched most of his troubleshooting, and agreed 100% with his analysis. I spent 25 years in the U.S. Navy, with experience in maintaining both ships and Naval aircraft, as well as quality assurance, so I offer that as some background.
Justin installed a temporary capacitor to get my home cooled off as soon as possible, and then left for an hour to drive to get the new motor.
Before he left, he volunteered that a new motor, capacitor, and install would cost me a certain amount of money. I agreed to the price, as he and Air Clinic has earned my complete trust.
He arrived back with the part, and I asked him how long until things would be fixed and back to normal...and his time estimate was right on the mark.
The bill was exactly the same as his quote, and by time Justin finished, I could already feel the cool, conditioned air, flowing throughout my home.
I happily wrote the check, and my satisfaction is complete.
I highly recommend Air Clinic for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance as well as new installations, as I have already decided when my heat pump needs replacement, I'll call Air Clinic for a new installation.
CAPT George Fadok, USN (Retired).
Review by Kari P
June 28, 2019
This company is the best. They take good care of you. Scott was totally awesome. Our air went out on Tuesday night. Had it running on Thusday. Friday night strange noises from the closet, the air would start turning off and on. Then off. No air. Scott came out today, knew exactly what was wrong. It needed a new panel. Scott went out of way to get the part, and only charged for the part,. Rescue Air has saved me hundreds. They are honest and very active in our community.
Review by Patti K
April 17, 2019
The guys were great. Took as much time as they said. Wouldn't even know they had put in a new heat/cooler unit. No mess. Unit is running great.
Review by Rod
March 22, 2019
Put in a new 5 ton unit. The crew had to get huge condenser hardware up a narrow "pull down" ladder to the attic - overhead to maneuver was small. THEY DID IT. I was impressed. They installed unit no issues. Now get this. They send in a "quality team" after the basic install to make sure it was done right. The quality team FIXED a 10 year problem i had with my emergency overflow drain. They discovered the main condenser drain was plumbed into a sink on the second floor and it was plugged. Over the 10 years i had 3 different AC "technicians" Attempt to fix this problem. These guys did it. Hey these guys know what they are doing . Professional all the way.
Review by Joseph M.
June 4, 2019
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