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With over 15 years combined solar industry experience, our Dallas-Fort Worth based company, Current Solar, aims to make solar simple with plug-and-play solutions. We help you discover the solar potential of your house. Don't just pay your electric bill, pay it off!

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Homeowner Reviews for Current Solar

5 reviews
Review by crystal
March 1, 2019
Harold was amazing, he gave me the ins and outs about solar and made sure I understood before committing. Harold made me feel like it wasn’t about taking my money but more so about helping me save my money . I definitely recommend this solar company to anyone that is looking to make that next step!
Review by Capt D
November 27, 2018
Just moved to Texas from California and wanted to check out solar. Called a few places but Current was the only one that had a professional proposal. Liked the Mission panels and ability to track output, very cool. Install took about 4 weeks for permits and that stuff but communicatiuon from my guy was good so I was never worried. Overall very happy with the system and process. The veteran's rebate was really awesome too, will come in handy for Christmas gifts.
Review by Corey F
November 19, 2018
Was an easy process, also submitted the paper work with Coserv to get a rebate through them. Have had it up and running for just over a month now, my first electric bill (during one of the 3 down months Oct, Nov, Dec.) was $10. I expect after the 3 winter months that I won't be paying any electric. My wife was worried that they would look ugly on the roof, but they are slim and black, unlike the older version ones that were bulky and white. I would suggest everyone getting solar for any number of reasons. My reason was if I am going to be paying out for electric each month I might as well pay out to add value to my home, not much of a green person but that will be what most do it for.
Review by Robert A
October 31, 2018
Just moved into our new home June and was immediately hit with a HUGE electric bill, almost twice what we paid at our last house. Nice to have bigger house but not the elect bill. Met with a few solar companies but Jim from Current Solar was legit. The presentation was professional but still personal, like he cared about my home and my family whether solar was right for us or not. He provided custom solar projections for my home and managed the process with the city and our HOA. My bill dropped from $239 in August to $11 in September. Pretty cool! Thanks Current Solar!
Review by Chuck K
October 26, 2018
Great experience. 100% of our power is now solar, Current took care of all the details (permits, etc.) and installation, we even got a nest thermostat and a solar attic fan out of the deal. We love seeing how much power we are producting every day. 25 year warranty. What's not to love? Call CurrentSolar today!
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