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Statewide Remodelings customer-focused service, competitive prices, and proven commitment to quality ensure youll get exceptional value for your home-improvement dollar and that youll love the final results. Whether you need a new kitchen or bath, replacement windows, or a sunroom addition, you can count on us to provide you with the same top-rated service that weve provided to more than 40,000 customers since 1994.

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Homeowner Reviews for Statewide Remodeling

8 reviews
Review by Jennifer K
November 5, 2019
Home Depot sent Statewide Remodeling to my home when I requested replacing a garden tub with a walk in shower. The sales pitch was good and they didn't try to upsell me. I was shocked with their initial quote. When I told them I was expecting to spend about $4,000 less than their quote, they sold me the products and services for my asking price - $4,000 less....kind of surprising that they have that much leeway on price negotiations. I was told lead time was 4-6 weeks so I was pleased when they called me in 4 weeks and told me they were ready for my job. Someone dropped all the product off in my garage on Monday and Tuesday morning the plumber was there to place the shower pan. When Jordan was done placing the shower pan, he filled it with water as this is they way it needs to be to have the city inspection done. Unfortunately, the shower pan or some part of something (haven't been informed of the issue despite numerous contact attempts) leaked into the master closet. The plumber came back and re-filled the tub and the inspection passed. Now, I have closet carpet and padding laying in my garage to dry....I think they're replacing the shower pan but I'm not sure. Stephanie is my internal contact, who, after taking my initial call, has not addressed me since. She has referred me to the field supervisor, Abe, who has not returned my calls. Home Depot sent me a thank you card and the business card for a store manager - I called and left her a message but she's not returning my calls either. At this point, my elderly parents are living in the midst of all this mess. I have bare walls down to studs, a potential issue with leaks, no shower or bath and no communication. I would not recommend Statewide, nor will I ever use Home Depot again for any large job. I am very disappointed and have no idea when my job will be completed because no one will communicate with me.
Review by Jared
October 8, 2019
I Requested estimate for bathroom remodel. Salesman showed up and I was told
What the average price would be based on “extensive”
research without taking a measurement or even discussing the quality of materials to be used.
Salesmen seem uninterested in earning any new business and politely left after I explained I was looking for more than a ball bark google search range for the price of bathroom remodeling.
Review by Craig F
September 10, 2019
Worst company communication ever. Good at setting up appointments but called 30 minutes before both and said sorry we can't make it. I'm sure if they can't be bothered to keep appointments that their work would be even worse. It was horrible service but it saved me in the long run on making a bigger mistake. Do not do use this company.
Review by Elizabeth S
September 6, 2019
My family had three quotes for window replacements. We ended up replacing all the front windows of the house with Statewide. (Not the cheapest and not the most expensive price.)
The sales guy was not pushy, but very helpful.
The measure guy came fairly quickly.
The windows arrived far ahead of schedule and they had no problems getting them installed and cleaning up afterwards. The windows work great and we have been using them for the last few months with no issues.

Statewide met our needs and I would work with them again.
Review by Ed H
March 3, 2019
We talked to three different companies before finally settling on Statewide Remodeling for our window installation. We chose them because of the quality of the product, the price in relation to quality, and the product guarantee.

They were very helpful in the financing process and professionals from the first meeting.

They handled the removal and replacement of the new windows with great care. When they left, it was as if they were never here, other than the beautiful windows they left behind. They completely changed the look of the house. The house looked more updated and modern.

No more cold drafts in the winter and escaping air in the summer months. Our energy usage has decreased, which was very beneficial because we changed out our windows at a time when shortly after there was an uptick in energy rates.

They are easy to clean (tilt in), and the beauty of the double hung, double lock windows is the peace of mind of being able to have open windows while at home on those rare spring and fall days without any fears to your personal safety. Also, we can open the top windows and not worry about your pets, something we had not been able to do in the almost twenty years we were in the house before we bought the new windows.

No, we did not buy the cheapest windows at the lowest price, but we bought the very best quality windows for the RIGHT price and could not be happier for the experience. Statewide Remodeling was honest, did quality work, came in and started and finished the job quickly and efficiently.

We do not just recommend them, we plan to work with them again.
Review by Laurel W.
July 20, 2019
Review by Timothy R.
July 13, 2019
Review by James A.
June 26, 2019
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