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About Meyagies Services

Meyagie services, family owned company since 2012. We're here for all of your heating and cooling comfort needs. No job is too small.

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  • Accepts Emergency Requests
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Homeowner Reviews for Meyagies Services

5 reviews
Review by April G
October 30, 2019
Our home warranty company sent out Meyagies, Nick was great worked in the dark and the rain, but got our heat working again, thank you so much.
Review by Kimberly H
October 18, 2019
They were in my home in June and installed a unit that cost me well over $2,000( cost after insurance coverage). They were inside my home for well over 12 hours. Now that the season has changed and and I've switched the unit from cooling to heating it does not Heat. The MANAGER, who seems to think that talking in technician terms impresses customers, claims that in order for the unit that they installed in June to function properly that a new Transformer that will cost me an additional $375 needs to be installed. So if this Transformer needed to be installed to make the unit function properly why wasn't it installed when you were in my home in June? I'm a very disgruntled customer!!
Review by Tye S
August 25, 2019
AC went out over the weekend. They came and fixed it on Sunday. On Sunday!!! Kyle is a great guy. Very honest. Explained the problem and how to avoid it in the future. Awesome experience
Review by Jackie L
August 18, 2019
Oh my I gave the one star because there is no Negative stars. This company is one of the most unprofessional companies that I've ever dealt with. They took forever to get my part in and when they came and fixed my air they put in the wrong part and left me with the air conditioning. And the technician that came out wanted me to pay him first before he completed the job when they had already messed up severely so many times before. How can anybody in their right mind pay them first without having the work done. After all the wrongs they did to me they could not make an exception to their company policy. The technician proceeded to yell at me and get very aggressive towards me yell at me from his car got my kids very upset and called us wet backs and all sorts of things and proceeded to leave after yelling at me all the way from my neighbors house. I had to end up going with another company because I would not let them back into my house and I was without AC for about three days at 102 weather with my mom with stage four cancer living in my house and they had no intentions to make in any of the wrongs right. I would not recommend them at all very unprofessional and very rude they do not want your business and they don't let the boss know about any of these problems. They keep covering everything up. They try to run the business, he is going to be left with no customers because of them. His employees are very incompetent.
Review by LaDonna
July 24, 2019
Upon arrival they were friendly and professional. They determined what the problem was and quickly got it fixed. I recommend them and plan on using them this fall for maintenance. Nice to meet you Kyle and Chris! Thank you!
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