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11 reviews
Review by Owen R
January 28, 2020
After getting several quotes from reputable companies Cam Solar was the best decision I could have made. They were very up front about all the information and showed flexibility with schedules and rapid work once the panels were being installed. The work done was quick and neatly done and I would recommend them to any one looking for Solar.
Review by Francisco A
January 9, 2020
I’m Francisco,

My Cam solar agent name is Ben Rodriguez. From the beginning very professional, thorough, and listened to all my questions with quick responses. After installation, I quickly started noticing my energy bill go down. Now this past month, I only paid $4 to my city energy. I highly recommend CamSolar and for a smooth install process thanks to Ben Rodriguez.
Even after six months i call Mr. Ben Rodriguez, and he can still answer my questions.

That’s the customer service you want, and would like those types of individuals to be in management positions/directors of sales positions.

Very happy with my service. Thank you
Review by Katherine K
January 2, 2020
Sales and installation was very smooth. I have been saving every month. December was mostly overcast but I still saved 50+. Im enjoying my new solar panels.
Review by George W
December 22, 2019
Elliot was very friendly and informative when I had my free consultation. He answered all my questions thoroughly, and explained everything in easy to understand terms.

At the end, he left me with several information packets and asked me to call him if I decided to move forward with CAM. He never tried to pressure me into buying panels, which I really appreciated, because several other vendors try to get you to sign the day of your consultation with “one-time” offers.

The installation process took a couple of weeks, mostly waiting on city inspectors and permits, but CAM handled everything from the HOA agreements to the city permits. It was very hands-off and stress free.

The panels have been performing great. During the summer, they’re generating more power than the cost of the loan, and in the winter months when there’s less sun, it’s still about break-even. Definitely happy with my investment so far.
Review by obby A
December 18, 2019
The sales person was polite and knowledgeable, but then I guess I wasn't listening well. I found out a few things after a year that upset me. What I didn't realize is that a lean was placed on my home and apparently, I wasn't aware of that, or maybe I wasn't listening well or he didn't explain that part precisely to me..
Also, my electric bills aren't as low as they projected, how, it is lower than what I've been paying prior to getting solar. I do practice conserving energy focus on not wasting energy just because I have all cost in the end.
Review by Riley W
October 24, 2019
I worked with Robert Figueroa on my recent solar panel installation. I just want to say that from the first time we met he has been extremely professional and knowledgeable about his field. Every question I asked was explained to me in language I could understand, not stuff over my head. Robert Figueroa also filed all of the paperwork, rebates and all. It was a very pleasant experience.
Review by Juan V
September 27, 2019
Customer Service sucks! They have not returned my call in weeks. There is no communication. Their office staff can not answer questions. I wish I had never had dealt with Cam Solar.
Review by Dionicio R
September 10, 2019
People were very unresponsive on any request I had. Was re-routed to other people and still never called back. A very displeased customer..

***Update: I am pleased to say that CEO took time out of his schedule to provide me with the individual solution and also the support our school needed for our Solar needs. I am very pleased and therefore changed my status from a displeased customer to one that is a repeat customer. The small things like this makes CAM Solar a great company and their willingness "to make it right". I appreciate that! ***

Thank you
Dionicio Ramirez
Review by ongo
August 2, 2019
The financing is not friendly. I am very disappointed ed at the way they present the financing options. Once you are in, nobody helps you and their financing company is not customer friendly. I would not finance with them. Beware of the financing.

Just got a response from owner asking me to call. He should call me. This is very sad.
Review by Art R
July 28, 2019
I have to tell you this company has its stuff together! The process of getting the panels installed was painless and everything was explained clearly. This company is really good after the sale, I had issues with one panel and cam solar quickly resolved my issue. I highly recommend this company.
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