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At EnergyONE Solar, we use only the best products available and spare no expense to give our customers the best in equipment on each and every system we sell. We are willing to keep our profit margins much lower than our competition and continue to give our customers a higher quality panel, inverter and overall system, because we know that it's customer satisfaction and referrals that will make our company grow for years to come. We have aligned ourselves in the industry since 2012, to become the largest provider in the United States of renewable energy and will continue to do whatever it takes to provide our children and our future society a clean and energy efficient place to call home. We are committed to change for the better, one happy customer at a time. Thank you for putting your trust and your future in the hands of our committed staff at EnergyONE Solar.

  • Accepts Credit Card




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Homeowner Reviews for Energy One Solar

6 reviews
Review by George F
January 7, 2020
Had an 6.83Kw panel array installed in 2018; HOWEVER, company NEVER installed the REVERSING METER @ my home... So I'm paying almost $200/month for an unconnected system...
Called their phone numbers with NO RESPONSE!!
Review by Richard F
September 21, 2019
We were very pleased until after the installation. We were told we needed 35 panels but only received 29. Installation took a lot longer than promised but we remained patient. Our first electric bill after a full month of use was next to nothing. Then our electric bill started to rise. Now it's more than the solar panel payments. Not what was promised. Getting a response from the company has been impossible. Very frustrated at this point.
Review by Deven F
April 20, 2018
The sales process was fantastic. The communication between all parties was stellar and EnergyONE handled any correspondence with the electric company and thoroughly explained everything, including the process and next steps, in detail. The owner contacted me to make sure everything has been going okay in the process. My install is scheduled in a few days and I will update once that is complete.
Review by Sukumar M
February 24, 2016
Great company. Easy to work with. I got my solar panels installed by Energy One before about 9 months. And recently, I got 17 more panels added to offset my gas bill. And now I expect to reduce my gas bill also.

E1 also offers great financing options. I checked their financing plan and with that, I would have just replaced my electricity bill with monthly financing installment. And After those installments are finished, I own the panels and it is free electricity after that.

I recommend Energy One if you are interested in getting your electricity bill reduced with solar panels.

Review by Kate G
February 18, 2016
As an employee of Energy One, I can tell you that all of us care about each and every customer we come in contact with. Our quality and customer care are highly important to us to say the least. After 2,000+ installations, 99% of our customers walk away with Energy One as a great and positive experience. We now receive many referrals from past customers, which to me truly speaks for itself on how happy our customers are.
Review by SueEllen R
February 18, 2016
When I initially contacted Energy ONE I knew absolutely nothing about solar energy. The man on the phone took the time to explain the process to me, the different types of panels, how the electrical grid works and made the experience much less intimidating than I had built it up in my head. I would recommend Energy ONE to anyone who is considering solar for their home or business. The team is friendly and quite knowledgeable and will take the time to explain the process in layman's terms.

* I am now considering solar for my retired parents who are on a fixed income. :)
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