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11 reviews
Review by J.Brent A
February 4, 2020
Crew was outstanding and fast! Best looking roof in the neighborhood
Review by Val C
February 3, 2020
Crew did great job and we love the rubber roof! And great price
Review by ur P
January 29, 2020
NOTICE TO POTENTIAL BUYERS: Pay attention to LINE 20 on the back of the contract!. If you finance your project ECO HOME will collect the entire project amount $19K - $55K three days after signing. Even if the project is not scheduled to start for another 12 weeks (Valentine Roofing doesn't collect until the job is complete!). Also highlighted on LINE 20 a 30% fee is collected on canceled projects. With the above project example a FEE of $5,700 to $16,500 would be collected for cancelling.
Two other notes. 1) Pay attention to the rescission cut-off date and demand 7 days. 2) Finally, don't sign up after Aaron reads you the letter from the President. If you wait and waffle he WILL come back with a better offer.
Review by lps S
December 12, 2019
Roofing crew was great
Also jodi did a good job on getting us on schedule!
I highly recommend
Review by Peter R
October 4, 2019
Laura in the call center was Very knowledgeable and informative, helped to ease me through the process. loving my new roof, came out even better than I had pictured.
Review by M N
September 7, 2019
People do not generally get excited about roofs until it leaks, but EcoHome’s roofers were quick and thorough in both replacing damaged roofing material and disposing of the waste from the old roof. Our Sales Representative, Andrew, was prompt in meeting with us before and after the job was complete to ensure that we were happy with our new roof.

We are very happy with the service EcoHome provided; our new roof looks great.
Review by Drew A
September 5, 2019
Great experience with this company!! They handled everything Professionaly as well as having great quality roofing and gutter guards!!
Review by Ratchaneewan T
September 4, 2019
Good afternoon mr Aaron

After experiencing with your company

We needed new roof. I found your company and decided not to bid another roof company
My husband made big mistake.

First when we meet your salesman he was wonderful friendly and helpful

Afterward everything went from 5 stars to minus star

The office lady who take a phone call. She doesn’t seem to like what she does about her job.

I believed she had talked to Jody.

We had problems with dumpster truck and materials deliveries.

First delivery failed I had to wait all day because we have 2 large dogs and I didn’t want to lock them inside the house on hot day. Delivery didn’t come. Excuse was “ accident “ which I had read on yelp reviews it was the same excuses
“ accident “ “ they are 3rd party company “ “ we have no control over that problem “

When your employees came to the house installing the roof. It was 11am they took a break from 12pm and over 1:45pm they still resting. I took a pictures on security camera. If you need that I can provide them for you.

At the end, Miss Jody sent me email she is no longer need to communicate with me but my husband.

office lady called my husband and said I am being very difficult. She asked me to open the gate for dumpster when they picked it up. She didn’t even ask if I was even home. I told her the gate has no lock they can open it. She just went off on my husband and told him how difficult I was.

One thing about being in customer service. I work as customer service for over 16 years. Office lady needs to do better otherwise find new job. She gets paid to work at your company and provide services. She shouldn’t be calling me difficult. We paid you over $12,000 to help us provide us services.
Office lady and miss Jody if they continue working like this. I think your company won’t have any more customers.

I should have read reviews before we hired your company.

Best regards
Review by Mark H.
July 3, 2019
Modernize Verified Job
The roofers had one side completely covered with paper when I inquired how many sheets of plywood were replaced. I was told that they were all ok. Knowing this not to be true that evening I went up on the roof and marked the sheets that needed replacement. They varied from some that were soft on the edges to some that you could step through. When talking to the owner of the business during the sales pitch I stated that there were number of sheets that needed replacement from what I had seen in the attic. The crew pulled the "paper" off the roof and 5 sheets were fiend to be bad. A total of 9 had to be replaced counting both sides. Had this not happened the snow load would have compromised the roof. When I brought this up I was told "that's ok, you have a lifetime warranty". Not a good answer in any way. I suspect the sheets were not

replaced because the crew is paid by the "square" and this would have slowed them down.

A few weeks later 2 of my cctv cameras stopped working. When I checked the anchor point on the roof had been removed and the wires to the cameras were rubbing on the metal edge of the roof. The crew had not removed the attachments for the awning but added sealer around the mounts and did a nice job of sealing them in. This should have been done with the roof attachment for the cctv cable. Now I have to pay to have 3 runs of cctv cable replaced. Around 125 feet per run. I waited a while before I responded to this request. It Has been around 3 months since they finished the project and it does look great. But I don't feel like they were taking care to do the same level of work that they would have done on their own house.
Review by Linda C
May 24, 2019
Everyone at Eco Home Service made our roofing experience outstanding! From Andrew, who was friendly and informative during our free estimate to Laura and Jodi who are the magicians of the office to the crew who were amazing while installing our roof, each and every person went out of their way to answer questions and make the whole process as easy as possible! Thank-you so much! We love our new roof!
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