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AHT Wisconsin Windows is ready to help you make your home more beautiful, more comfortable and more energy-efficient with home improvements including replacement windows, patio doors, and beautiful entry doors. Since our founding more than 50 years ago we've worked successfully with our neighbors in the Fox Valley, Madison and across Wisconsin to enhance their homes and reduce their monthly energy bills. All with a commitment to quality materials and products, delivered with superior customer service.

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Homeowner Reviews for AHT Windows

5 reviews
Review by Lunara F
October 15, 2019
One star is being generous, as in they did come in and install 4 windows that needed to be replaced. After that, we still had issues with drafts around the windows. The contractor we hired to do the siding on our house removed the aluminum around the windows AHT installed, and found that the window installers from AHT did not insulate around the windows, which you're supposed to do, and secured the frame of the window with a few screws in the front of the frame, instead of securing from the side of the frame like you're supposed to. Sloppy and very poor workmanship that cost us $7,000. I highly recommend not hiring AHT. There are better contractors for windows and installation in the area at better prices and better workmanship.
Review by Denise T
October 9, 2019
The product and warranty speaks for itself. AJ was very helpful with an option that we hadn’t even thought of that will benefit us even more.
Review by Zach R
September 14, 2019
Thanks for Anissa T. We are getting new windows. She was awesome I loved that she was straight forward just like I am. I even told her that she was like old friends catching up.
Review by Alicia D
September 10, 2019
The current management has been great. Employee benefits are remarkable. The opportunities within the company are endless. Flexible schedules & exceptional wages. Thorough training & shadowing.
Review by Quinn L
July 30, 2019
I spent 2.5 hours listening to a sales pitch. I just wanted an estimate and the salesman said he can't until he shows me everything. We melted windows, we hit them, we stood on them, we bent them, we recorded temperatures, we shined lights on them. He had to go back into my kid's rooms when they were sleeping to measure windows that he already measured hours before. When I finally got him to give me a number he said I would have to sign a contract. I said no and he left abruptly. He wouldn't even give me his contact info or a price quote. He literally grabbed the pricing sheet from my hand and got in his car and left. It was down right weird. I don't trust this company.
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