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Summit Contracting of Wisconsin understands that your home is an investment well worth protecting. It's not just a house, it's your home. It's your haven in a hectic world, where you protect and nurture loved ones, make memories, and of course, take shelter from the weather extremes we experience here in Wisconsin.

Many of our customers tell us how relieved they are that we helped them sort through all of the options and present a plan to help them meet their goals for their home. That's our mission!

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Homeowner Reviews for Summit Contracting

10 reviews
Review by Mr. E
October 21, 2019
I would like to provide our experience. The sales man was very friendly, patient and helpful with ALL my questions. One keep point I liked was that I was able to get a home insurance discount for the product. However, there were issues with the install. I asked for one bathroom roof vent to be installed. Instead, I got two! The inspector that showed up the next day had to do significant clean up. He was not pleased. In addition, I found evidence that alcohol was consumed on our property!! SERIOUSLY, drinking beer while on a roof!! The sad thing is that I can't pick the person who did that. If you pick this organization, leave your home and watch them from a distance and take pictures. Once management has proof, they can do something about it. I also wished someone would have reminded me to remove my car from inside the garage because all the dust & dirt came into the garage. So, that is our experience. I hope it is helpful.
Review by Andrew
October 15, 2019
Frustrating experience. It seems like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing at Summit Contracting. It started off with we had an appointment for a free estimate. They never showed the day I had it scheduled for. When I called, they had it on their calendar for the next day. Then the salesman came out and said he could get us gutter protectors in a clay color which would have matched our gutters exactly. We decided to go with them mostly because of that. Had it all set up when they were supposed to install our gutter protectors because we were going on vacation and wanted to be home when they came. Part of the contract as told by the salesman was to hose out and clean the gutters. While on vacation, we had our water turned off and we came home from vacation, realized they had installed the protectors. Obviously, the gutters were not hosed out as we were promised by the salesman. The gutter protectors were installed in a bronze color and didn't match our our gutters at all. Summit gave us a $500.00 discount because of the misinformation we had been given by the salesman. Then we were supposed to get the installers back to clean out the gutters at a later date at 8 AM. When it was 9 AM and no one showed, I called Summit. I truly think we would have been forgotten again, so they said they had an unforeseen emergency. If that was the case, they should have made a courtesy call to inform us of that. Later the installers did come out to clean the gutters. The best part of the experience was meeting with the installers, they represented Summit well. We would never deal with Summit again, there are plenty of good companies that have their act together. Getting a project done shouldn't have to be a hassle.
Review by Lee G
September 23, 2019
Updated 09/23/19:
Frustrating, but eventually the job was done. Previously, my roof did not have any leaks but there was a structural problem underneath that had the potential for it. With all the snow we get in Wisconsin, I wanted it fixed and a new roof on before the winter.

The first time they came, the crew simply started putting a new roof down over the old roof. When this "miscommunication" was brought to their attention, the crew came back the next week and spent the next four days redoing it from scratch as they were supposed to the first time. The crew themselves were gracious and apologetic.

Two months later, I had water coming through a light socket during a thunderstorm, and after the flap between roof and gutter was patched, another leak in another room further down from similar problem. This was also patched.

Luckily, because of the type of roof I have, and after getting another opinion, it should be just fine with no more danger of getting worse again. I was also assured by one of the owners of Summit that they went over everything else again, looking for other potential problems.

My warranty guarantees that I am not paying for any of these repairs and the company did appear to take all my calls seriously, even when I was upset.

While I may very well look at other options in the future, the roof, finally, seems to be done as agreed, and for a good price.
Review by Steve K.
September 21, 2019
Modernize Verified Job
Very patchy customer communication. It was hard work, we felt like the contractors. We have a 35 year Warranty, which is important in Northern Wisconsin, and have a no pay no interest for a year. Price $17,000
Review by Donna W
September 6, 2019
We just replaced all the windows in our house. I cannot say enough about the quality, crew, communication, cleanliness and follow through from this organization .Delivered as promised and on time. The salesperson went over everything thoroughly from our first meeting so there were no surprises. The engineer came and measured all windows once more before they were ordered. They arrived right on schedule. The office personnel were excellent and always returned calls promptly. The installation crew were very professional but at the same time gave you a feeling you had known them all for years. When they were done everything inside and outside were so cleaned up you’d never have known we just had 15 windows put in. Management followed up the same day the project was done to make sure we were happy. If you need windows or construction work you cannot go wrong contracting with Summit. I’d give them
Review by JAK
August 16, 2019
Five stars because the roofers worked tirelessly over two long scorching days to give us an amazing roof with a 30 year warranty that is fabulous and strong for our Northern winters.

Pricing a bit higher than average but with two years no payments interest free we couldn't pass up.

These guys will work on the Moon if they get the contract.

They should've left their business sign on our yard for more people to know.

Review by Phillip N.
August 10, 2019
Review by Ellis M.
June 3, 2019
Review by Debby B.
May 9, 2019
Review by Deb D.
May 6, 2019
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