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A+ Top Rated Home Improvement Company serving all Milwaukee Area Suburbs. Locally Owned & Operated. Large Selection of Products & Solutions To Fit Most Budgets. Flexible, Low Cost Payment Options & Financing. Lifetime Warranties.

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Homeowner Reviews for Guardian Home Improvements of Milwaukee

5 reviews
Review by Jo S
October 28, 2019
I asked him to come for a roofing quote, but instead they gave me their honest opinion that my roof does not need to be replaced at this time. I appreciate their honesty and not just making money. When time is right I will be calling them for my roofing project.
Review by Carolyn P
September 18, 2019
My experience with Guardian was great. The process has been so professional and well organized that I was surprised to find out that Guardian is a local company.
Bryan Falk-Steinmetz was so helpful, accommodating, and knowledgeable. He should me all of the options and helped me make the best choice based upon our circumstances.
Thanks, Bryan!
Review by Daniel C
August 30, 2019
An honest appraisal! It's so rare these days. I called Guardian on Monday (very friendly receptionist) and Sonny came out to talk with us by Friday. He didn't try to sell us. We thought a full siding replacement might be needed. Sonny didn't think it looked that bad. He is obviously very passionate about houses and spent a lot of time with us explaining our options. We really appreciated his knowledge, helpfulness, and honesty! We haven't decided on the project yet but will seriously consider Guardian.
Review by Tom Z
August 22, 2019
Sonny was a great resource. Practical with cost ranges for each option. I was trying to determine if siding was an reasonable cost option vs painting. Even though Sonny works for a siding company he told me flat that painting is less expensive. He also mentioned that painting prep should sand to bare cedar wood for a house of my age to ensure good adhesion and to get 10 years out of the paint job. We also talked about potentially cladding soffits which he also mentioned wasn’t a good payback vs painting due to the manual work. We talked about gutters and how to prevent leaves blocking them; he mentioned I would be better off hiring a handy man 4 times a year to clean them out than either putting on an expensive gutter solution or bigger gutters, neither of which solve the problem. We discussed several other topics as well. He was very clear, explained the best way to solve the problem as a neutral source. He helped me readjust my perception of what a paint job would cost. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We ended up cancelling the home visit as I decided it was better to paint than install siding based on the 2.5x price differential. If I have a siding, roofing or window problem in the future, I will definitely come back to Sony and Guardian.
Review by Kyle
August 20, 2019
Some of the reviews I have seen here discuss only the consultation portion of the Guardian experience. I waited a long time to give my own review of my interactions with this company to give a more in depth expectation for prospective clients. The project I hired Guardian for involved some repairs/weatherproofing of the exterior of our home (later included window replacement as well). The consultation with Sonny was straight forward and I was optimistic about the pricing and process. Though I am not an expert in home repair or contracting work, I was somewhat unnerved by the fact that a significant deposit percentage of the projected price was required for the project to be placed in the scheduling books, but I'm not sure how typical this is. What followed was a series of events that extended a 2-3 day project into a nearly 12 month time frame. An exhaustive explanation of how this length of time developed would require more detail than most people would care to read, and honestly I never received an adequate explanation from Guardian anyway. The most stressful aspect was the lack of organization and communication with various (and seemingly disconnected) members of their company. Months would sometimes pass with no update on when the project was set to begin, or when it was finally set there simply would be a no show and no follow up explanation for it. Nearly every point of contact had to be initiated by us--I'm sure the project would still not be completed had it not been for our persistence and involving the Better Business Bureau to arbitrate the process. Had this been a more time sensitive repair the results could have been catastrophic, and I cannot condone a recommendation for prospective clients based on this fact. It is worth noting that the final quality of the work looked good upon my limited ability to assess it.

As a clarifying note, the window replacement was added on later and performed by a different contractor within guardian. That process was much smoother and I would recommend it.
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