Advertorial California Will Give Solar Panels To Middle-Class Families At Nearly No Cost

The cost for the installation to the middle class families is close to nothing. The homeowner gets solar panels on their roof and a new reduced electric rate.

Alternative Energy Solar Project predicts that it could save individual families up to $2,400 a year, which they hope could then be spent on other essential bills.


The Alternative Energy Solar Project goal is to get solar panels on the roofs of those who cannot afford them. It has been made promotional manager over the Middle Class Affordable Solar Homes (M-CASH CA) project, one of the country’s first dedicated solar repayment system for middle class families. The program aims to install solar arrays to over 32,000 homes by the end of next year. By using training programs, government incentives, money from companies and private investors, they aim to keep the costs to those who provide and install the panels as low as possible.


Anyone who is currently living in a neighborhood in California that is classed as middle-class is qualified to apply to get the arrays installed. The sun sets on the initiative as the year ends in 2016, so if you’re living in the state, you might want to jump on board soon.


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