Denver Area Homeowners are Using this New Solar Comparison Program to Eliminate Their Electric Bill

Update: 2016 Solar Rebates Will Run Out By The End Of This Year


Here’s something your power company DOES NOT want you to know: A government policy for new solar panels allows homeowners, who live in specific zip codes, to receive $1000s in the form of tax breaks and rebates. If you own your home and live in a qualifying zip code, these incentives and rebates could reduce your solar panel installation costs to nearly $0.

Upon visiting sites like, homeowners are blown away to find that these rebates can usually cover most—if not all—of the initial installation cost. Because of this, homeowners like you can immediately begin saving on energy bills.

Check Your Zip Code

A Solar Energy Expert from Remodel Connection, conducted a study to figure out whether this solar policy was too good to be true. After many hours of data gathering and number crunching, his conclusion was that he would be saving over $150 a month on his electricity bill.

Curious about how this program works? Policies like the The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit allow you to lease solar panels instead of paying thousands of dollars to purchase them. Before this policy, companies were unable to offer leasing options for solar panels because their business would lose money. This new program allows them to not lose money and allows you to save on your electricity every month!

Sizable average savings are the reason why online comparison sites are becoming more and more popular. After researching loads of these sites, was the easiest and most reliable when it comes to checking to see if your home qualifies. It only takes a couple of minutes and is free to everyone. So what are you waiting for? Begin using free energy today!

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