Homeowners Rush to Claim AC/Heater Rebates


If you live in an approved zip code, tax credits, rebates and incentives from various programs could allow you to save $1000s upgrading your air conditioning or heating.


How to stack up the savings:

  • Federal tax credits (up to $300) can be found for gas, furnaces and fans if they meet ENERGY STAR requirements.
  • State and local utility companies offer replacement rebates and incentives. Most of these offers are stackable, so if you find both state and local utility company promotions… Jackpot! Enter your address here to see which you qualify for.
  • Manufacturer rebates are where the biggest savings exist. You can get up to $1,650 off the most popular brands.
  • Shop during an off season like fall for a new installation. Companies are less busy now than they will be when temperatures drop soon, so you’ll be more likely to get a discount now.
  • Most IMPORTANTLY: Don’t make a decision without having a contractor come out for free to make sure you need a replacement first. This will also ensure that you are receiving an accurate quote based on that personalized inspection of your premises.

Remember: Prices vary widely from one HVAC company to the next, so get at least two quotes before making your decision. Here are three trusted sites where you can receive free estimates and recommendations: