Utah Policy Makes Going Solar a Snap For Middle-Aged Homeowners


Utah homeowners are infuriating utility companies in droves by taking advantage of insane federal and state solar incentives. Eligible Utahns 45 to 65 years old can take advantage and switch to clean energy with a solar power install for as low as $0 upfront.

See If You Qualify

Long gone are the days when solar panels were strictly about saving the environment—the clear benefit today is saving yourself money. Federal and state governments are incentivizing homeowners in certain zip codes to go solar in an attempt to push clean energy initiatives. For you, this means $1000’s in rebates and incentives that can cover up to 100% of the installation costs are readily available.

Visit Home Solar Rebates to see if you qualify—odds are you’ll be eligible to join your Utah neighbors and put these incentives to work for your house and bank account.

More Perks In Addition to Government Incentives:

  • Reports show that going solar can reduce your electricity payments by up to $1560 a year or 70-90% monthly.
  • A new solar system can increase your property’s value by up to 20%.
  • Some states allow homeowners to sell electricity back to their utility companies—enabling you to power your home for free and potentially make a profit off of the electricity you generate!

Final NOTE: Don’t let your utility provider trick you into thinking you’re under contract, because you are not.

It is a very easy process to cancel and even get the balance refunded from your current bill.

Make The Switch To Solar