your state Homeowners: Claim Your Solar Rebates


Did you know that there’s a government policy aimed at providing affordable solar panels to Americans?

If you live in an approved zip code, tax credits, rebates and incentives could allow you to make the switch to solar without spending a penny upfront.

Ready to start saving? See prices now:

How Does This Program Work?

The Government incentivizes solar panels because harnessing the energy of the sun creates jobs in the solar industry, protects the environment and saves homeowners money all at the same time. If you qualify for this program—The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit—you could be just days away from receiving solar panels and a massively-reduced monthly electric bill for $0 down.

This is what you can expect your electricity bill to look like if you switch to solar:

Important to Act Now

This current policy is set to expire—so in order to cash in on these savings, you need to act now! Luckily, once the panels are installed, you’re locked into a lifetime of savings.

How Do I See If I Qualify For Solar Rebates?

Step 1: Click your state on the map below.

Step 2: Answer a few short questions about your home.

Step 3: Once you qualify, you will be able to compare solar prices in your area.

Solar map

Ready to start saving? See prices now: