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Let’s Go Solar provides an array of resources to help consumers figure out what kind of solar panels to put on their home and what they cost. We interviewed editor Laura Brigham, who has installed a 5 kwh array on her own home, about the options homeowners should be aware of, as well as how to pay for them. “Solar… Read more
Ecobeco offers whole-house energy audits to help homeowners live in comfortable, energy-efficient homes. The company includes a team of energy auditors, general contractors, architects and interior designers to determine where homes can save energy and improve indoor comfort and air quality. We asked Brian Toll, Ecobeco’s Founder and President, about what homeowners should look for in a successful energy audit. Does every… Read more
Purchasing a new replacement roof is a high stakes business. Not only does your roof literally shield you from the elements, it also stands as one of your home’s largest investments, both in terms of cost and sustainability. Given the right conditions, a new set of shingles could potentially last you fifteen years or more—as long as you hire the… Read more
WindowNation, a Maryland-based company, advises homeowners from northeast Ohio to Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Northern Virginia when they want to replace windows, siding, doors and roofing. The company offers a wide variety of brands, styles, and color options. More than 95% of their products are ENERGYSTAR qualified. We recently interviewed Louis Apoldo, VP of Sales, for… Read more
What is your most popular product(s)? Why? SolarEdge helps to make solar energy panels smarter. We make a power optimizer that connects to each solar energy panel, which in turn produces more energy. In a solar energy system, each panel has its own distinctive point of maximum power output. Traditional solar energy systems find this point of maximum power output… Read more
Banner Home Solutions is a Maryland-based residential roofing and solar company and a GAF Green Certified Roofing Contractor. They were voted the number one roofing company in Maryland for three years in a row. I recently spoke with owner Joe Pecar about the most important decisions homeowners need to make regarding their roofs. When should a homeowner consider replacing his roof?  The… Read more
Andres Asencio comes from a long line of roofers and homebuilding trade professionals. He’s been around roofing his entire life, and he’s now the founder, owner, and subcontractor/contractor of the family business Optimum Roofing Solutions, a residential and commercial roofing company in Houston, Texas. Because he’s such an expert in his field, we went to him first with our roofing questions,… Read more
Maggie McIntosh is a Senior Designer and Senior Construction Manager at Moontower Design Build in Austin, Texas.  You’re probably wondering how one person could juggle those two very important roles at a design firm, but someone as talented as Maggie makes it look so very easy. Read on to find out her thoughts on enabling clients to be a part of the… Read more
Garrison Hullinger Interior Design‘s very own Garrison Hullinger didn’t grow up wanting to be a designer. It wasn’t until years after he suffered a serious work-related injury (he was a Gap project manager) — one that required him to relearn how to walk, write, and read — that he discovered his passion for remodeling. It all came from a suggestion from… Read more
We talked to Eric Aust, an architect in Newport Beach, California who trained at the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts. With over 19 years of experience, Eric offers residential and commercial clients services ranging from models and hand-drawn sketches to complete design and construction documents, to construction management. He’s a wildly talented architect whose designs speak for… Read more